Deliverance from Evil Timelines by Dan Duval

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Visit us at! This week Dan Duval goes solo in order to introduce a new prayer that has been developed for the purpose of getting people delivered from evil timelines. This prayer employs both high level revelation and some technical language. For this reason, Dan Duval takes some time to explain certain elements of the prayer and why it works. At the end of the podcast, he prays the prayer over all listeners, so come ready to receive! WARNING: This is a powerful prayer that may, in some cases, result in manifestation. Do not listen to the prayer while doing something dangerous.

15 thoughts on “Deliverance from Evil Timelines by Dan Duval”

  1. Excellent podcast! LOVED the prayer at the end. You did a great job explaining the nuts and bolts of this Dan. I was able to grasp it. God bless your ministry.

  2. I did a third listen through the prayer. While I do definitely feel more free, I also have an emotional welling of grief for all the enemy had a chance to do… for all that “the locusts have eaten”.

    Daniel can you pray make a prayer of healing, restoration, growth, and maturing to follow this up with?

    1. I agree. A prayer should include blessings and healing always. I am learning myself how powerful and necessary proper prayer is. Prayer should always leave one with hope and power, which true power comes from light overpowering darkness. So we should end the prayer with as much light as possible. God Bless you !!!

  3. Hi Dan! This podcast gave language to somethings I have suspected occurring in my life, but wasn’t sure. Thank you!! I just wanted to share that when I listened to this prayer I was filled with great joy! Joy that every plan, scheme, attack of the enemy is being brought to justice and I am going to be moving forward in the fullness of everything God has planned for my life and the life of my children. And…. I LOVE VEGETABLES! So keep serving them!!

  4. Dan, Thank you so much.

    This is life changing. I want the whole world and cosmos to know that this prayer works. I have been released from something I cant say what it was exactly, but Wow the change is significant.
    I feel as though life has been breathed back into me. I am once again excited about my future. I am certain that what lies ahead will be far more than I could ever ask for or imagine.
    My Spirit is so excited running around, singing, dancing and praising our wonderful Lord Jesus.
    Praise God for Bride Ministries. Whooooo! Yahoo Jesus!
    This is life changing! I cannot emphasize that enough How life changing this podcast is.

  5. This prayer should dismantle the gang stalking (paid Government sponsored “Surveilance role players”) some of which are operating in witchcraft. They harass TI’s targeted individuals. that are were/are political activists, whistleblowers, Christians etc. thank you for the prayer. Would love it in print. The Lord be with you!

  6. I listened to the prayer then fell asleep. In the middle of the night, I felt someone kiss me on my cheek. The kiss was forceful enough to wake me. I think it was meant to wake me. I woke up a bit shocked. I don’t know who it was. I am hoping it was the Lord Jesus.

    If Dan Duval is reading this, please give your thoughts. Thank you.

  7. OMG,my brother…. youre the Bomb…that’s a compliment…lol I cannot wait for the manifestation..of the fruit of this prayer……something has been holding me back for almost3years….will let you know…..

  8. I only just found about this a few days ago. I love ? this teaching and the prayer is out of this world. I would love to get a copy of this prayer if possible.

    I have been looking for stuff like this. I LOVE ? Dan Duval’s insight and spiritual depth. I listened to his message on INIQUITY and I think he’s got the best teaching on it. Ana Mendez Ferrell got an excellent book on it and also on regions of captivity, but Dan Duval’s insight goes DEEPER. You got a FAN and a brother for LIFE. I need to MEET with you if that’s POSSIBLE. I have been so IMPACTED these last few days by your messages. I have been out studying some of these truths with Ian Clayton and a host of others and I know a lot of Christians are not open to NEW WINE and are stuck in religion and denominationalism but I appreciate TRUTH wherever I see it. Thanks for being FAITHFUL to the TRUTHS committed to you.

    1. Hi Akhere,

      Thank you so much for your kind words and for supporting our ministry! This Deliverance from Evil Timelines Prayer is actually going to be in our new prayer book, Advanced Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth. The book is now available for pre-order on the shop page of our website. 🙂


  9. hi Dan,

    wow that prayer did something in me, i dont know whats happening in some way, but i feel happy and smiley its pretty cool. its like something went on without me being to aware of it, i noticed a change near the end of the prayer. Im not sure of the specific thing you prayed that set off this feeling of happiness, but its nice and cool 🙂 wooooo

    also i wanted to say that the reason i clicked on this podcast to check it out was because of a revelatiion i had while doing some inpsired writing. as i was writing i started to say something about the real time we’re in, is something like 1922 because a decision was made then regarding the stock market that made things go ‘volatile’ as i worded it, and some more things regarding the stock market crash back near then.

    i didnt even know something actually happened in 1922 to cause the stock market crash in 1929, i researched and found that a decision was made in 1922 that is believed to have caused the crash in 1929 which bought on the great depression, which was that you could buy stocks by getting a loan from the bank, pay $100 g;et $1000 of stock.

    from what i learned this decision caused the problems in the not to distant future, of that time, and further.

    and from the inspired writing i did it seemd that the false economy we have now, started basically from that decision in 1922, and deviated the world from where it should be.

    im mentioning this as significant, because i rarely in inspired writing write an accurate detail about something thats happened or going to happen, that i have no knowledge of in real world sense.

    anyhow maybe you might think about something with regards to this and and find something interesting for yourself, but thats why i was even drawn in to listening to your podcast as the concept is kinda new to me in a spiritual sense regarding timelines not being the way they should be.

    i actually feel that experience i had the other day about the 1922 thing coming in to peace now or something like that in a way.

    bless you dan

    thank you

  10. Scientists are attempting to bring voice frequencies from 3000 year old mummies. I believe that portals will open up to even more evil time lines! Stupid people! Unless they are part of Einstein’s evil tribe…

    I prayed for a man’s star, cleaning all the decay of cancer off of it before I re-listened to this podcast, but I felt power flow and glow into his destiny!

    I will definitely take these courses in this coming year. Yummy stuff!

  11. Is this prayer or ones like it somewhere on your site? I would like to print this out. Awesome Revelation and prayer! I felt this was happening based on my dreams.

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