Walk-Ins, Reptilians, and a showdown with Jezebel featuring Jessica

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Visit us at www.bridemovement.com! This week on Discovering Truth, prepare to meet a new personality. Her name is Jessica, and she is on a journey to overcome incredible bondage with the power of Jesus Christ. She joins Dan Duval to talk about the extent of her bondage, including the implants that have physically been coming out of her body as a result of the delivering power of Jesus. She discusses reptilian issues, the challenges with demonic technologies, and even her deliverance from Jezebel. She also discusses her testimony, and what she remembers leading up to the bondages she is now being delivered from. This is a powerful program that you will want to make sure you are prepared for.

6 thoughts on “Walk-Ins, Reptilians, and a showdown with Jezebel featuring Jessica”

  1. Thank you for speaking, Jessica. Please, if at all possible, I would like to correspond/hear from you, regarding the reptilian physical change that you had went through when being delivered.
    I have had multiple people, at various stages of my life, claim to have seen me shapeshift, or morph, into another thing….most claim it to appear reptilian like.
    I am bothered by the fact that each time it’s witnessed, the ‘reptilian’ form is able to hold its physical form (through me) a little bit longer. And, based on the given descriptions, the degree of clarity that the shifted form is identifiablly a ‘reptilian’ creature seems to increase in every occurannce.
    I need to speak to someone who has had this same trait/shape shifting witnessed by others, and then explained back to them (…”them” being the afflicted, not the witness…)
    Please. I’d like to investigate as to the similarities or perhaps vast differences between what was seen.
    I need to figure out what, how, and why this (and many other things of similar nature) are seemingly attached to my family lineage. I need to hear more details, like, specific details, of your experiences.
    Please, I beg of you, reach out to me, whenever you may get a chance, and in whatever way is most comfortable for you.
    It’s not like there’s meet-up groups out there for people like us-Not exactly. I mean, where is the Facebook group for “Girls who Get Seen As Lizards….for real” ?
    Jokes (not jokes) don’t come thru well via comment section texts…
    Anyways, desperate pleas and dry-humor jokes aside… I do greatly appreciate Dan Duval for having the strength in his heart, mind, and in the Spirit to both counsel & assist you in this higher path journey; I do also, greatly commend you, Jessica, for taking the control of your destiny, and following your soul’s intuition to drive to that seminar, and to really take the battle with these demons head-on. Thank you again, both of you.
    (but I am for real when it comes to asking Jessica to please, please reach out to me with more descriptive details of the shapeshifting witnesses, & other aspects of her seeming possession…) please!

  2. Kandice Garrett

    So proud of you, Jessica! You did a great job of sharing. There is grace and peace in this recording. You’re testimony will lead others to experience freedom in their own lives. I can attest to your struggles. At this time I loose the Angel named Valor to come do battle on your behalf in the name of Jesus! xo

  3. All I can say is, Thank You Father God for choosing Dan. If all pastors could just know and do 1/2 you do, this world would be heaven on earth !!! Thank you Father ????????????✝️????

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