Twinned and Raised by Nephilim: The Testimony of Priscilla featuring Amanda Buys

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Introducing… Priscilla’s Story

This week on Discovering Truth we are welcoming back Priscilla and Amanda Buys, this time Priscilla will share her testimony. Daniel will talk about regions of captivity and give prayer materials to come against connections to constellations and earth systems. Amanda explains the experience of witnessing the torment symbiotic bonds had on Priscilla. Priscilla will be expressing her strong desire to want to know God intimately… don’t miss this show!

TRIGGER WARNING: This is not a program for the faint of heart, nor is it one that you will want to miss if you can handle the truth. There will be a few graphic descriptions. This podcast will contain information about subjects that may be difficult or inappropriate for some audiences including young children.

About Amanda Buys:

Amanda and her husband, Roly, have been working in the areas of deliverance and satanic ritual abuse (SRA) for many years and have compiled an impressive assortment of tools and prayers that have helped thousands around the planet.

About Priscilla:

Priscilla is a survivor of satanic ritual abuse (SRA) who is on her own healing journey with Jesus. She has had encounters with Nephilim and has a wide knowledge of the deep, dark secrets of the occult world. Her testimony about being a mermaid and Jesus’ healing are truly eye-opening and powerful.

Expect to hear Amanda and Priscilla talk about:

  • The “5 I Wills” in Isaiah being a part of a ritual to choose to serve Satan
  • The duplication of babies to be used for sacrifices, rituals, or switching
  • The cult using frozen embryos for artificial wombs and surrogates
  • The mind of Satan is over many members of the cult for them to continue doing evil
  • The nephilims being put into the womb with fetuses to make them spiritually sensitive
  • The rituals that the cult uses to build up pre-Adamic iniquity
  • The swap between Priscilla and her twin sister at age four
  • The symbiotic bond between Priscilla’s sister caused her to relive the sacrifice
  • The traumatic experiences throughout the process of being conceived and being birthed

And so many more truths…

Truths from the Podcast:

  1. “The reason why I’m saying this is that for my conception, for example, and the conception of other survivors that I have come to know over the last years. Some of those conceptions go back to the late 40’s or mid-40’s. Where they were frozen and put into a blue bowl and just kept in a frozen state. And something that is really important to consider is that sometimes people have memories that are before their lifetime. For example, I am 34-years-old, in my body, my body is 34-years-old. But because my conception was way before that, I can have memories that do not make sense to me. That I’m like well, I wasn’t there when Mengele died, yet I seem to have memories of it? I wasn’t there when Queen Elizabeth was coronated, yet I seem to have memories of it. Like my spirit memories… so when you have people that are talking about these kinds of things, it is possible because you were in a frozen state.” Priscilla
  2. Referenced materials: Priscilla shared this link about a Baby girl born from record-setting 27-year-old embryo – BBC News (
  3. “I’ve had other survivors report to me that when they killed the baby, they were wearing jewels, inherited jewels. Like the “family jewels”, so I said “oh? Is it the Romanov’s?” because Anastasia in 1944 Hitler Project… the jewels that she was wearing are the Romanov jewels. And every little 13-year-old in that bloodline, part of that project, would put on the jewels at thirteen. It’s rings, it’s very expensive diamonds, gold and so this little 13-year-old is dressed up. And its ballroom, and you’ve got ballroom gowns, and its people in the upper stairs watching this whole thing like a theatre and she’s being led down these steps with all these jewels. And then as she kills, she’s got to kill in such a way that there’s lots of blood. That the blood splashes onto the jewels so that she’s the next generation that is in line; that is hating God, that makes a choice against God, that is part of the antichrist system. And it is so important that the jewels have to be splashed with blood, and that then gives her that authority and the ranking. For her then to move into the adulthood of starting to hurt other children, killing, assassins, whatever the assignment is, but they move them into being very, very dangerous. Attacking, they have been trained so well to attack ministries, to come into our bedrooms, to teleport and come in and do their thing, to come and attack you. So, they are so well trained, so the 13-year-old is key. It’s probably of the last parts that you get to so then you know when you’ve reached the 13-year-old because she’s the most hidden, she’s the most angry. And she is the ‘the mother’ that gives birth to the nephilim child.”  Amanda Buys
  4. Prayers: You can find the two prayers Daniel mentioned, Freedom from Constellations and Freedom from Earth Systems, at the Deliverance Portal (
  5. “Years ago, we discovered that we had to get people untethered from constellations. But shortly after that I realized I have to get people delivered from jet streams, from physical locations around the world that they’ve never traveled to in the natural. It’s a quantum entanglement that involves the DNA…what you’re bringing up is a key, because this is actually how this bondage was instated in people. And it makes me wonder just how many people may be the subject of what you are talking about. That they are an egg that is not planted for years and years, ritualized only to be planted at an important time so that the power of the iniquity can be multiplied prior to birth.” Daniel Duval
  6. Keys scriptures from the show: Philippians 1:6 and Isaiah 14:13-14.

About Discovering Truth:

Discovering Truth with Dan Duval is a weekly podcast that was launched in 2012. It began as an investigation into conspiracy, the developing New World Order, and subjects related to end-times Bible prophecy.

Over the years, it has evolved to include a strong outreach to survivors suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) due to satanic ritual abuse (SRA) and government-sponsored mind control. This program also exposes the Illuminati from the inside out, featuring many testimonies of Illuminati defectors. In addition, there is a huge focus on the Kingdom of God, victorious living, inner healing, and deliverance.

New episodes are released every Thursday on our websiteYouTubeBlogTalk RadioiTunes, and many other websites.

More from Amanda Buys & Priscilla:

We’ve been left on another cliffhanger! Be on the lookout for the rest of Priscilla’s story… Stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “Twinned and Raised by Nephilim: The Testimony of Priscilla featuring Amanda Buys”

  1. The Nephilim is a spirit I have consistently had to keep praying the prayer, “Freedom from Principalities and Fallen Angels Prayer”. I pray this prayer, I get released from it, and then I wake up the next morning, and it’s back again. It’s happening while I’m sleeping. Each time the spirit has come back, God reveals to me in a dream the night before a black figure or a person (familiar spirit) entering my dwelling place (me). Upon waking in the morning, God reveals the name of the spirit that entered while I slept. How do I permanently get rid of this spirit? I am totally submitted to God. I have no unconfessed sin that I am aware of. I have been fasting and praying, and recently began taking communion with my fasts. What else should I do?

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