Merfolk, Underwater Kingdoms, and the Mysteries of the Deep Part 1 with Amanda Buys and Priscilla

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Introducing… The Water Kingdom Part 1 with Amanda Buys & Priscilla

This week on Discovering Truth with Dan Duval we have Amanda Buys of Kanaan Ministries back on. And please welcome also, Priscilla, a friend of Amanda Buys telling her story. Amanda is coming back to speak on the water kingdom and water spirits as promised in her previous appearance. You will also hear about programmers programming survivors to be mermaids, but you MUST tune in to hear all of what Priscilla has to say.

There are many keys in this program to help listeners to break off covenants and generational curses. Also, you will learn about the importance of renouncing bloodlines.…You won’t want to miss this program!

About Amanda Buys:

Amanda and her husband, Roly, have been working in the areas of deliverance and satanic ritual abuse (SRA) for many years and have compiled an impressive assortment of tools and prayers that have helped thousands around the planet.

About Priscilla:

Priscilla is a survivor of satanic ritual abuse (SRA) who is on her own healing journey with Jesus. She has had encounters with Nephilim and has a wide knowledge of the deep, dark secrets of the occult world.

Expect to hear Amanda & Priscilla talk about:

  • The army being trained underwater for Armageddon
  • Baby dedications and sacrifices associated with power
  • Jesus walking on water representing Him conquering the water spirits
  • The four elements & how it is tied to the occult
  • Specific water spirits: Mami Water & Neptune (Poseidon)
  • Mermaid queens ruling parts of the sea: Mexican Gulf, Pacific, Mediterranean, etc.
  • The nymph castles all throughout Europe
  • Different water spirits from the rivers, seas, & waterfalls
  • God shutting the mouth of the crocodiles to preserve baby Moses
  • A description of a 33 level, deep-sea labyrinth

And so many more truths…

Truths from the Podcast:

  1. Referenced materials from the show: Amanda Buys book The Four Elements, Emmanuel Eni’s website featuring his testimony, and Amanda’s resources on water spirits.
  2. “Getting you programmed to get to the next stage of programming with mermaids. I think that is what they call a deep ocean mermaid… This is where you get into the next stage of not just being in the water, but you also go to the deep, deep, deep waters. To do that imagine a physical, human body. If I jump into a swimming pool right now and I go to the bottom, my ears start to hurt. There’s pressure, and the pressure builds, your anatomy is not being built for very deep under the water. So, what they do is they start programming you and teaching you to get deep, deep, deep under water. Until at some point you have to make a covenant with an entity, because there’s only so deep that you can go. And only when you make a covenant with an entity, that is when you can go to the really, really deep places of the sea… because at the bottom of the sea there are actual portals, but also entrances to the underworld.” Priscilla
  3. Key scripture from the show: Exodus 2:3-10, Matthew 14:25-26, Job 26:5, Revelations 13:1 and Habakkuk 3:15.

TRIGGER WARNING: This is not a program for the faint of heart, nor is it one that you will want to miss if you can handle the truth. There will be a few graphic descriptions. This podcast will contain information about subjects that may be difficult or inappropriate for some audiences including young children.

About Discovering Truth:

Discovering Truth with Dan Duval is a weekly podcast that was launched in 2012. It began as an investigation into conspiracy, the developing New World Order, and subjects related to end-times Bible prophecy.

Over the years, it has evolved to include a strong outreach to survivors suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) due to satanic ritual abuse (SRA) and government sponsored mind control. This program also exposes the Illuminati from the inside out, featuring many testimonies of Illuminati defectors. In addition, there is a huge focus on the Kingdom of God, victorious living, inner healing, and deliverance.

New episodes are released every Thursday on our websiteYouTubeBlogTalk RadioiTunes, and many other websites.

More from Amanda Buys: 

Be sure to stay tuned in for part two with Priscilla and Amanda Buys expect to hear them talk more about the Hippocampus, Kabbalah Tree, and a whole lot more!

For any other resources or materials that you would like to find from Amanda, visit her website at You can also listen to her previous podcasts on Discovering Truth:

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3 thoughts on “Merfolk, Underwater Kingdoms, and the Mysteries of the Deep Part 1 with Amanda Buys and Priscilla”

  1. I’m a United States Marine and at the age of 18 myself and countless others took part in what seemed to be a harmless tradition that countless Marines and U.S. Navy sailors over hundreds of years have taken part in and still do til this day. (The Shellback hazing ceremony) The ritual dates back at least 400 years in Western seafaring. The ceremony observes a mariner’s transformation from slimy Pollywog, a seaman who hasn’t crossed the equator, to trusty Shellback, also called a Son or Daughter of Neptune. It was a way for sailors to be tested for their seaworthiness. The shellback is simple enough: a sailor on official duty “crosses the line” of the equator. A golden shellback is more impressive; it means they’ve crossed at or near the International Date Line. Even rarer, crossing at the Prime Meridian grants you access into the Order of the Emerald Shellback.
    This all seems harmless funny and just military tradition but after doing a little research it’s roots has a deeper darker origin. I have not done an in depth study just a quick surface check and found that it is a tradition in the U.S. Navy, Royal Navy, and other British-descended navies for these ceremonies. Some sacrifice to gods and some raise flags as a statement that King Neptune is aboard. Some hold weird hazing tradition were men dress as women.
    I and others of the U.S.M.C & Navy went through hazing and then an official ceremony where we received an official certificate from King Neptune sealing or transformation. I’m sure this is a watered down version of a true Satanic originated ritual. Now with a greater hunger to be in right standing with GOD and wanting to be whole and complete so that THE FATHER, JESUS & I are one and wanting to be used in every way possible by JESUS for the manifestation of HIS Kingdom. I am looking for my certificate so that I can now go before the courts and put an end to this entanglement (????????????????????‍♂️????????????)! Also to intercede on behalf of my fellow service members. When I find the certificate I will share it with you.

  2. I have wondered for a while , why I knew threads of things very young. I knew to keep secret. Yet most of my memories have been ” forgotten. ” My grand mother on my father’s side was a praying women and my grandfather on my mother’s side was a pastor and my maternal grandmother were God fearing.
    This testimony about things of the supernatural is leading me to uncover, repent and give to God all known and unknown sins at a whole new level. Thank you all for being soldiers of God! I thought I knew how deep this went, but I dont. I am ready, with God assistance, to learn more and next steps to be more and more a part of the army of God.

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