Todd Talks – Encountering Zion Part 8

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Episode 8: Encountering Zion Part 8

*This is the Bi-Weekly Saturday Bible Study recording from August 22,2020*

Welcome to our show Todd Talks with BRIDE Ministries’ Senior Leader, Todd Edwards. This is episode eight and the show will be featuring part eight of the series Encountering Zion. In this show, Todd is continuing with the topic of justice & judgment with Isaiah 58.

In this study, Todd talks about the menorah and that it should have seven candles that represent the seven Spirits of Elohim. He points out that originally & biblically, there are seven candles not nine, and the Shamah candle, in the middle, is Yeshua. Remember in the previous study, Todd revealed the tandem of righteousness and justice: we are to DO justice and then judgement will follow.

It starts with accepting your holiness through Yeshua. You will learn more on releasing judgement through doing righteousness & justice. You will get understanding of the fear of YHWH, and a driving to know YHWH. You will learn about the seven spirits of Elohim that go in tandem with one another.

This is NOT a study about Political Zionism. Todd Talks episodes are meant to engage the hearts, souls, and spirits of those who listen. This will be an extremely insightful and exciting show that you will not want to miss!

Who is Todd Edwards:

Todd Edwards is a senior executive in a software company and has over three decades of experience in building enterprise sales organizations.

Todd Edwards is our Senior Leader at BRIDE Ministries International and a close friend of Daniel Duval.

Follow Along with Todd Talks:

  1. Vocabulary from the study: 
    • Approaching (ker-aw-baw, H7132/7126) The context of Isaiah 52:2 is that the house of Jacob thinks they’re doing what’s right and they think they are approaching God.
    • A repairer of the breach: Repairer (gaw-dar, H1442) means to fence up, to hedge, to enclose. Breach (peh-rets, H6556) means the breaking forth, a breach, or a gap. Adam was supposed to guard and keep the garden, he was to protect the hedge. This ties back to taking care of the garden, the trees. We’re supposed to be repairing the breach for the widows, fatherless, the lost sheep and those that don’t know Yah.
  2. “Our mission is to bring as many other people into the Kingdom as possible. To make disciples, to preach the good news, to bind the broken hearted, to set to captives free, open the prison doors to those that are bound! That’s our mission, and that’s tied to fasting. Also, as part of this fasting in verse 7, think about the principle of PaRDeS. So, there’s the obvious thing… we are supposed to help the poor, help the widows, help those that are suffering. Then there’s also the hint of the message. So, think about the hint, so to feed people that also means to bring them the Word. It also means to put them into shelter, bring them into YHWH’s house. To give them clothes, also means to give them garments of praise and righteousness. So, there’s both the literal and the hint in the spirit that we’re supposed to do.” Todd Edwards
  3. Key scriptures to follow along: Isaiah 58:1-2; Genesis 12:11-12, 18:19; Isaiah 58:3-5; Judges 20:26; Judges 19-21; Isaiah 58:6-7; Isaiah 61:1; James 1:27; Exodus 22:21-24; Psalms 68:4-5; Acts 8; Luke 2:37; Isaiah 49; Isaiah 58:8-9; Genesis 3:22; Isaiah 58:10-11; Jeremiah 31:10-14; Isaiah 58:12: Leviticus 26:31-34; Jeremiah 22: 1-7; Leviticus 26:40-42; Ezekiel 16:1, 3-6; and Isaiah 58:13-14.

About Todd Talks:

Todd Talks was developed from Todd Edward’s Bi-weekly Saturday Bible Study where he discusses the Biblical truth that supports Bride Ministries’ revelation and teaching on the Kingdom of God and operating in the spirit.

As we build up Biblical truth, you will grow in faith and increase your operations in the heavens, of which is our true citizenship. Some of the topics to be explored include priesthood, identity, holiness, His presence, whole person alignment, Biblical Israel, covenant, living, and more.

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