The Ten Senses – How to Engage the Spirit Realm

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Many of us are familiar with the idea that we have 5 major senses. They are touch, taste, sight, smell, and hearing. However, many of us have never stopped to consider that we also have spiritual senses. This program is designed to disclose exactly what they 5 major spiritual senses are and why you have them. You will be equipped and empowered to understand spiritual senses in a biblical framework and Daniel takes you on a journey through the mechanics of the spirit realm. This will be another revolutionary episode of Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval!

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1 thought on “The Ten Senses – How to Engage the Spirit Realm”

  1. Ha ha ! Bring it brother ! The world didn’t start supernatural… Only to end supernatural with nothing in between. Nothing ever changed. The devil just got better at hiding it. Then we do not ever realize our power in Christ. How can we war against powers in realms we never knew existed ? It is the great facade by the ultimate deceiver. All of our Creators children are meant to walk in the supernatural love and power of Christ Jesus, for he lives in us !
    This was awesome. The father uses these podcasts not only to minister to me but also to show bold unfailing iron clad confirmation of everything he is leading me through. It is in his perfect timing. Victory is at hand and in the hands of every believer, we clutch our deeds of victory while praising our righteous creator !

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