The Deep State, Trafficking, and the Illuminati with Hope

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Hope is back on Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval to go futher into her story. She is also promoting her newly released auto-biography entitled To Tell the Truth. Hope has a remarkable story of survival, and has recovered extremely clear and concise memories regarding her abuse and programming. She is working to educate people on the reality of trafficking, the Illuminati, and government sponsored mind control program. It is her desire that her story work to validate survivors around the country and world. In this program she zeroes in on deep state, exposing Illuminati goals, and past experiences that she has had under the White House. You will not want to miss this program.

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1 thought on “The Deep State, Trafficking, and the Illuminati with Hope”

  1. Been following Q and Praying Medic since Nov. , 2017 and caught your conversation with PM on his latest video. Found it to be very interesting and informative. Didn’t know you were aware of crafts and missions. Are you aware God has His crafts? Chariots of fire-II Kings 2:1, 2:11, 6:17
    Ezekiel 1:, 3:, 8: and s_t_n has his but not allowed at this time.

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