The Cost and Reality of Frontline Ministry with Richard Mull

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Visit us at! This week on Discovering Truth with Dan Duval you will meet Richard Mull. Richard Mull renowned author, speaker and ministry leader, Richard Mull’s books and ministry have been featured on JCTV, The 700 Club, CTN and Sky Angel. His 40-Day books have been featured at The Call events all around the world, where hundreds of thousands have utilized this life-changing, city-transforming material. Richard is the Founder and President of Operation Light Force (OLF), a ministry based near Tampa, FL, which he has headed up for 11 years. He joins Dan Duval to talk about his journey to working with survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse, the reality this has opened up to him, and the heart of the Lord. Prepare to be changed. You can find him at

3 thoughts on “The Cost and Reality of Frontline Ministry with Richard Mull”

  1. this must frustrate the Father so much. so accurate your statements….ive been frustrated the last MANY years watching all this go on and leaders not having enough Fear of the Lord or compassion for souls to share, develop and train others -their gifting..

  2. Patricia Nicotera

    This was a wonderful video. Pastor Richard Mull and I have so much in common. He has gone through wilderness experiences in which he had to rely upon the Lord for survival and I have also. I could really relate to what he has gone through in ministry. He has been attacked for being different and being sold out for God. I have been through similar experiences. Thank you for sharing this video.

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