Story Time with KC Part 11 How to Punish the Devil Through Dreams and Visions

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Visit us at! KC joins us for another reveal into the healing journey that she took as she went through ministry with Dan Duval. She picks up where she left off in the last episode and discusses two more sessions and the dreams and visions that led to incredible breakthrough in them. In telling her story, KC breaks down many mechanics regarding how the spirit realm operates and also what coaching sessions with Dan Duval look like. The saga continues, and you won’t want to miss the info packed into this program!

6 thoughts on “Story Time with KC Part 11 How to Punish the Devil Through Dreams and Visions”

  1. Great podcast with Daniel Duval and KC. KC mentions that Jesus Christ paid the price to heal us and makes us whole. We need to use our power and authority to get the promises God made for us. KC gives great confirmation through her dreams how Jesus is fighting for us along with His angels. There are programs in Alice in Wonderland as well as she reads this book. Programming template-Baby boomer generation has been programmed–they will dream as a piece of their soul has been trafficked. Psalm 88 Our souls being trafficked to the pit as we are alive. What the devil has locked up behind the gates of hell your parts of your life and we are to plunder what has been stolen through the help of Jesus Christ victory!

  2. just wondered… I receive and find very interesting this podcast and when time and resources allow. I would like to purchase the prayer book…my question is if im not triggered by any of these experiences …any resonation…is it still beneficial to be aware and or equipped with these particular prayers or do the people who these resonate with-this would be more their territory to work in.? thank you also. still don’t know how to receive my star teaching that I purchased……

    1. Bride Movement

      Hi Kristi,

      The prayers in our book are good for every believer to be equipped with although not all of them may immediately resonate with you. You may be surprised to receive a breakthrough using one of the prayers that you thought did not apply to you. As for help with your purchase, please email us at to let us know what issues you are encountering and we’d be more than happy to assist you. đŸ™‚

  3. The name of God Jehovah Issuwz.what is it mean like Shalom is Peace what then is Issuwz?
    Thank you Daniel.

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