Story Time with KC Part 4: Ptah, Realms, and Alternate Timelines

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KC is back with Dan Duval to talk about yet another episode in her chronicles of deliverance and inner healing. KC was a client that worked with Dan Duval over a period of time and has come forward to share about what the Lord has done. In this episode, Dan Duval and KC get into her bondage to a Principality known as Ptah, who was also known as a pharaoh in ancient Egypt. They get into how fragments of KC were displaced into other realms with past timelines and how that connected KC into the agenda for a fourth Reich. This is another program you do not want to miss.

4 thoughts on “Story Time with KC Part 4: Ptah, Realms, and Alternate Timelines”

  1. Can u plz get these on utube so i can dwnload them which is wut i usualy do n order 2 listen witout bufferin and using up alot of data, sum i need 2 listen 2 more than 1ce, so i really need the podcast on utube!

    1. Converting podcasts to youtube can take 5-10 hours each. We have a volunteer who does this in batches, so it takes time. There is no way to speed up the process at this time. We have several platforms where you can listen to the podcasts on a weekly basis other than our website, including podomatic, spreaker, podcast, Blog talk Radio. Please see the Discovering Truth with Dan Duval page. There is a list of icons from where you can download the podcasts.

  2. Hi Daniel,
    This was so helpful and I would like to hear all of her testimonies but don’t know where to find them. I want to learn as much as I can about realms. Thanks for your help and especially for your courage and wisdom and KCs as well. Bless you !

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