Story Time with KC and Dan Duval Part 7 “Evil Gets a Whooping”

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KC is back on Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval for the seventh installment of the journey KC took with Dan Duval as one of his clients. In this episode, KC takes us into how she received ministry to timelines. She talks further about her guardian angel and his role in her deliverance and inner healing. She also discusses the Baphomet bloodline and the impact that her freedom from this bondage made in her life. This is a power-packed episode you will not want to miss.

2 thoughts on “Story Time with KC and Dan Duval Part 7 “Evil Gets a Whooping””

  1. Enoch Glory Seeker

    KC talked about reading/speaking scriptures to her soul (when trying to get it to relinquish the dominion seat). Would she be willing to make a list of those scriptures, pretty please?

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