Resurrection Power and Why Job’s Problem Isn’t Your Problem

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Many people that have read the book of Job have walked away from it encouraged, but quickly find themselves disillusioned. It is an awkward book that while often spoken of as presenting an explanation for the problems that we face often leaves us with a sense of fatalism. It paints a picture of Satan being our enemy which is true. It depicts the devil moving to destroy the life of a righteous man who many Christians identify with. The problem is that Satan is pictured as destroying Job’s life with the direct permission of God, only after leaving the presence of God after having made what amounts to a wager with God. If this is how the spirit realm works, what authority do Christians really have to resist and reject the torments that come to them? If the devil can only destroy our lives to the extent that God is actually granting him permission, who are we to pray for deliverance? Isn’t the most proper response to piously keep our mouths shut and bear the sufferings that God commands against us? This entire program will be dedicated to releasing you from such flawed thinking transforming your understanding and approach to Christianity from the very foundation. Jesus came for this reason: to DESTROY the works of the wicked one. In this program you will learn why Job’s problems are NOT your problems.

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