Rahab, PTSD, and a New Legacy featuring Bessie Duval

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This week on Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval you will be introduced to none other than Dan Duval’s mom! Her name is Bessie Duval and this program will feature a recording of the presentation that she recently gave at a local woman’s conference. She will be sharing on several subjects and interweaving her personal testimony as she addresses how Jesus helped her to overcome. She will be addressing what it means to have a new legacy. While she doesn’t maintain a website, if you have the desire to reach out to her or contact her all responses to this program that come through our website at www.bridemovement.com will be forwarded to her.

In this program Daniel will also get into the recent conference that he presented at, as well as vision for the near future. Don’t miss this episode!

2 thoughts on “Rahab, PTSD, and a New Legacy featuring Bessie Duval”

  1. Charmine (Chayil) Carpenter

    Sitting here in tears, such a beautiful testimony. For about the last 20 years of my life, I’ve wanted to leave a GODly legacy for my children. The first half of my life didn’t start out well. This testimony and teaching is a touching reminder that GOD is going to do it, HE has not forgotten about me and HE loves me. Bessie’s testimony touched a place in me that I didn’t know that needed healing. Thank you for this! I feel GOD is calling forth HIS mothers in Zion, through this testimony.

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