Overcoming Verdicts from the Courts of Hell with Dr. Ron Horner

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Visit us at www.bridemovement.com! The Courts of Heaven Revelation is something that has been gaining awareness throughout the body of Christ. They are a believer’s source for justice among other things. But are the courts of heaven the only courts to be found in the spirit realm? Dan’s guest Dr. Ron Horner, says no. He is the author of the book, “Overcoming Verdicts from the Courts of Hell”, and is joining Dan Duval to break down why verdicts from the courts of hell ruin lives and what to do about it. This fascinating program will equip you with knowledge and prayer strategy that will undoubtedly bless you so don’t miss it!


You can find Dr. Ron Horner at courtsofheaven.info. Buy Dr. Ron’s book “Overcoming Verdicts from the Courts of Hell” at Overcoming Verdicts from the Courts of Hell: Horner, Ron: 9781365214929: Amazon.com: Books.

1 thought on “Overcoming Verdicts from the Courts of Hell with Dr. Ron Horner”

  1. So good! Loved the bit about the Help Desk at the Courts. Makes it all so real. And also that I can now step into Heaven and explore it …WOW!

    Thanks Dan for these amazing interviews that takes life to another level…literally!

    Warm wishes

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