Narcissistic Abuse, Recovery and R. Kelly with Dr. Dave Orrison

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Check us out at! Dr. Dave Orrison joins Dan Duval for a second round on the subject of narcissism. He has been a pastor for over 30 years and is now the Executive Director of “Grace for the Heart,” a ministry dedicated to proclaiming the sufficiency of Jesus Christ for all aspects of the Christian life. He is the author of the book “Narcissism in the Church” and is a specialist on the subject of narcissism and the different ways that this affects people’s lives. During this podcast they get into narcissism in the workplace, narcissism in the church, narcissism in the family, and even touch on the recent R. Kelly scandal. You won’t want to miss this podcast!

1 thought on “Narcissistic Abuse, Recovery and R. Kelly with Dr. Dave Orrison”

  1. The favorite than focuses on another who a becomes the favorite and the other is the door mat. Cinderella story! I lived it. The emotional and mental abuse is all to real. Now later in life they have brain washed my own children against my husband and I. (these people are my parents and sisters…evil!) Its CRAZY and so Pathetic! They have to be the center of attention and WANT to be SERVED! You can not serve 2 masters!!!

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