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This week on Discovering the Truth, Dan Duval takes the opportunity to open up the year 2018 with the introduction of the Morning Prayer. For years, the Evening Prayer has been circulated worldwide and has brought fruit to thousands of lives, improving sleep for many people. After a lot of requests, the morning prayer is finally here, and will be released in its entirety with the new book Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth.In this episode, Dan Duval will teach through most of the Morning Prayer, and break down the revelations that go behind its wording. This program is fast-paced, enlightening, and empowering. Don’t miss it!

3 thoughts on “The Morning Prayer with Dan Duval”

  1. Donna Hartenstine

    Thank you, Dan, for the wonderful world you are opening up to many of us who have been given the commission to open blind eyes, heal the sick, etc. I am so grateful for your programs that we’ve been able to access on Bride Ministries and Discovering the Truth.

    I have a grandson in California near Sacramento that is definitely in need of help. Would you know of anyone that ministers similarly to what I’ve been listening to near that area who could be contacted for prayer ministry? Thank you for responding to this urgent request.

  2. Daniel, my husband and I are 2 weeks into our “DIY saving” (we know its not realy DIY because you and the Lord are there and all the wonderful , brave people you share are with us)… DIY because we are not physically going to any therapists office,or church, but we feel and we are being pulled back into the safety of GOD’S kingdom and you are our #1 “go to” everyday. Little by little we grow stronger and we ask for healing through the powerful prayers you share. WE Thank GOD for you Daniel and all you do. Thank you infinity x’s infinity , Thank you!

  3. The morning prayer isn’t here. No link, recording or transcription. Can you please point me in the right direction. Thank you.

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