Meth, Fragmentation, Targeting, and Supernatural Abilities with Alex Part 2

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Visit us at! This week on Discovering Truth with Dan Duval, Alex returns to share the next installment of his story. He picks up immediately after he turned his life over to Jesus Christ, which is where he left off in his first appearance. He then gets real and raw on the struggles he had to face and overcome from that point forward. Getting free of meth is a tall order, and comes with a great price. Alex details the repeated attempts he made at walking free of the drugs and his past in the midst of dealing with the passing away of his mom, and the struggle with identity and deep depression. This is a powerful program that you will not want to miss.

2 thoughts on “Meth, Fragmentation, Targeting, and Supernatural Abilities with Alex Part 2”

  1. Bronwynne Wessels

    Woweeee, awesome testimony, I love it, so glad there’s another person similar to me, this testimony gave me strength in my time of frustration, I was also on meth and encounter supernatural experiences with Jesus but the word is what the enemy fights to keep me away from, I love the word, but sometimes there seems to be a stronger power fighting to keep me from meditating on it,i can feel it in my spirit but can’t really sit long to study it. But I won’t give up, thanks a million for this ??????The Word Truly IS alive!!!

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