Marriage, Children and Covenant with John King

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John King joins Dan Duval on another episode of Discovering the Truth to get into the subjects of marriage, children and covenant. Many couples face struggles in the area of marriage. People ask, “How can I better relate to my spouse? Why don’t they understand me? How can I submit to someone I don’t trust?” These are all questions that John tackles as he relays wisdom from the word of God and 35 years of experience in his own successful marriage. Moreover, as a parent who has navigated the journey with a rebellious child, he communicates wisdom, encouragement, and strategies from heaven for parents. This program will be a fun an exciting journey you won’t want to miss.

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3 thoughts on “Marriage, Children and Covenant with John King”

  1. My husband and I loved Daniels first interview with John King. I am so happy to get another opportunity to hear John drop more knowledge on marriage and family. Thanks for keeping it real Daniel!!!!

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