Journeying with Jan Part 2 Split Brain Programming, Twinning, and Lucifer

3 thoughts on “Journeying with Jan Part 2 Split Brain Programming, Twinning, and Lucifer”

  1. Hi, I am very new to this Ministry and to really coming back to God; He has shown me so many incredible things through these prayers and podcasts and God really has changed things in me in such a short amount of time, but I really feel like I have hit a bit of a road block; especially since discovering something about myself while listening to this podcast. So, my question is; has anyone ever heard of ‘the Blue lotus system’? Either as a mind control program or trigger? Because it’s been stirred up in my memories while listening to this podcast and I think it’s really important. I hope that this makes sense and just wondered if it’s ever come up? I personally link this to the code language of the enemy such as; pink floyd, code red and code Blue. Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Continued: also; have you ever heard of ‘the doll mind control program’? Or something similar? Usually young girls/women are abducted, kidnapped, subjected to experimentation, body modification, and have trauma to bring up alters that carry out specific commands; e.g. one alter is brought up for assassinations, another espionage, etc; none of the alters or the core person has any memories of what the other alter does and they are called dolls because of their robotic behaviour and lack of expression, empathy or emotion. This too was brought up in my memory I believe because; when I was 14; an American man drove by my friends and I; I never saw his face, but I destinctly heard him say; ‘smile doll’ it was really odd how clearly I heard it and for some reason; after hearing that; I did smile and according to my friend, he took my picture and drove away. Then not long after that; another man whom I have never met also called me doll and I feel like it may have happened again with someone else. I know it sounds strange, but as I said above, I must be remembering all of this for a reason right? And back then I had always found it very strange. If anyone has any idea as to what I’m talking about; please feel free to reply. Perhaps that American man still has my picture and used it in some kind of ritual? I have had plenty more strange experiences throughout my life that are making a lot more sense now. Anyways; if anyone has anything to add to what I have shared; please do. I hope to be lead closer to the truth. God Bless You All.

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