Iniquity Resolved – The Ultimate Key

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This week Dan Duval goes solo to put together a monologue on the subject of iniquity. Iniquity is translated from 11 Hebrew words, but has the overarching definition of perversion. In this podcast, Dan Duval goes deep in order to explain the difference between sin bondage and bondage from iniquity and how to get free when other approaches haven’t worked. Understanding iniquity is essential in order to understand the philosophy behind using bloodlines that are heavily weighed down by iniquity in order to advance Satanic agendas. It is also essential in order to understand why freedom isn’t always secured after a person has repented, fasted, and done everything they know to do in order to get free. This may be one of the most enlightening podcasts you hear this year! Be sure to check us out at

7 thoughts on “Iniquity Resolved – The Ultimate Key”

  1. I think it deserves its own Course. Uh, not that Iniquity deserves Anything, But it would help us to have a course on it–And How It Applies in Ministry!

  2. This teaching is awesome and sheds light on a part of deliverance I have never heard. May God continue to strengthen and enlighten you!

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