Illuminati Structure EXPLAINED by One Chosen as a Mother of Darkness

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Visit us at! Dan Duval interviews Jane for the first time on the subject of the structure of the Illuminati. Jane claims that she was chosen and trained to take over for her grandmother as a Mother of Darkness in the Illuminati. Through the redeeming power of Jesus Christ, she was delivered from this role before she was able to be instated into it. However, she took away with her unique knowledge regarding the structure of the Illuminati, knowledge that she wants the world to know. Get ready to take notes and learn, as this brave woman puts forth secret information about the structure of the world’s most powerful evil organization.

5 thoughts on “Illuminati Structure EXPLAINED by One Chosen as a Mother of Darkness”

  1. This interview was very interesting and informative. Thank you Jane and Dan. One question…At the end, I thought Jane mentioned that her training partner had died in a fire but then she mentioned that she connected with him later. Did I miss something? Thank you.

    1. Hi Laura,

      So glad that you found the podcast informative! Jane thought that her training partner died in the fire but found out later that he fortunately was alive. 🙂


  2. Jeannette Foley

    I thought maybe he had reincarnated. So she encountered him again many years later. She doesn’t not say specifically in this interview.

  3. Is there a way we can watch this video…is it available somewhere else? Thank you. You interview with Jane was one of the best ones I’ve listened to.

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