Illuminati Defector EXPOSES Hollow Earth

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Robert Vandriest Mitchell is back with Dan Duval for yet another epic adventure into things unknown. In recent weeks, a number of Dan’s clients have begun making connections to hollow earth. Robert Vandriest Mitchell, being one of them, has recovered a whole slew of clear memories regarding his experiences in inner earth. In this podcast, prepare to hear about access points to inner earth, inner earth civilizations and societies, access points at the North and South poles, and why the Illuminati has agendas connecting to the inner earth. Do not miss this program.

2 thoughts on “Illuminati Defector EXPOSES Hollow Earth”

  1. Elizabeth A Wallace

    Daniel, when we get $39 my daughter and I will sign up for membership. I watch you tubes on Sunday as a study. I had no idea you were even knowledgeable of the TI-MK-Ultra, etc issues I watched a March 2017 video with Liz and Dr Bailey {?] on TI-and her husband handler, etc. If you remember my daughter Megan and I [ Megan is my youngest daughter of 5 children] first husband is in Scottsdale, Az and CIA…he also does insurance by day..INSURANCE is all Vatican owned. My daughter and I had a hard time discussing things with you because we did not want to freak you out at the time on these subjects. Did you know myself and my children now adults and even some grandchildren are all handled ?? I have 30 plus years of my own awakening on all of this and focused on the teens to 30 age groups trafficked into being used to target others, I call it the white snake invasion. I am asking you to contact me and allow me to contact or she can contact me “LIZ of New Jersey and that doctor. Both of my {husbands past and present were arranged marriages and handlers…I would be happy to explain how this happened being very aware of this and Liz IS THE FIRST ONE outside of the MK-Ulra I know, who has ever rought this up…………..there is also an attorney named Susan in New Jersey who has been through her own hell, and you really should interview..I believe the time has come to bring the discerning warriors together in combat to eail bethis entire invasion of our lives.

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