High Places and the Amos Company with Daryl Crawford Marshall

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Daryl Crawford Marshall is back on Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval to discuss a wide range of subjects. Daryl is the associate pastor of Field of Dreams in Adelaide and also operates Unveiled Kingdom International Ministries. Be prepared for a feast! Beginning with a conversation on high places Dan Duval and Daryl go deep. They talk about the way God is moving in the prophetic season that is opening up at this time. Daryl takes an opportunity to disclose what the Lord has been showing him about what he calls the Amos Company. They also get into sober thinking, rules of engagement, and the glorious agendas of God. You do not want to miss this program! You can check out Field of Dreams at www.fieldofdreams.org.au.

4 thoughts on “High Places and the Amos Company with Daryl Crawford Marshall”

  1. Kathleen R Dancer

    Oh my goodness, I didn’t expect to get hit smack in the face with a personal prophecy at the end of that one, but I did! Thank you both.

  2. Wow again the Lord was speaking to me about being independent of the system and to maintain where He has called me to be debt free. Thank you so much for the confirmation. This was a timely word hearing this podcast today.

    Thank you so much for introducing me to Daryll Crawford Marshall.

    It feels like the Lord calling me to work with Wisdom, how do i do that?

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