Gold, Value, and Interfacing Realms with Dan Duval

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This will be another solo run as Dan Duval takes on the subject of gold and some of its biblical applications. He discusses why God said the silver is mine and the gold is mine. He discusses the nature of Solomon’s temple, and why it was covered in gold. This podcast also gets into God’s agenda to empower his people with wealth, influence, and interface with the heavenly realms. It includes instruction on how gold can be applied in prayer and spiritual warfare. This will be an exciting and revelatory program you won’t want to miss.

2 thoughts on “Gold, Value, and Interfacing Realms with Dan Duval”

  1. The interesting thing is i read 1 Kings 6 after hearing the podcast with Ruthie Andrews and immediately wondered if the overlaying with gold was to create a Faraday cage and keep the space in the temple from being tampered with or affected by the enemy. One thing that occurred to me (personally i feel like this was revelation from the Father) was inside the temple all that could be seen was the gold and the stone was seen on the outside. That really spoke to me of the nature of a portal where the stones represent the earth and only seeing the gold represents heavens streets of gold making it easy to transition into heaven itself in worship. I am also fascinated by the fact that the Lord when He spoke to Solomon did not address the gold or the contents of the temple but reminded Solomon to focus on following Him like David did. It seemed to point to the fact that the Father was speaking that all the wealth was an outgrowth of solid connection and intimacy with the Lord. What are you thoughts on that?

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