He Who Finds a Wife Finds a Good Thing with Dan and Christian Part 2

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This week on Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval, Dan and Christian continue the story of how they came together! In this episode, they will get into the incredible series of events that occurred before and after their wedding. You will learn about their battle with the regional gods in Indonesia, and how a volcano almost ruined their wedding. You will also learn about the power of God and the importance of prayer in the parts of life that many of us take for granted.

8 thoughts on “He Who Finds a Wife Finds a Good Thing with Dan and Christian Part 2”

  1. Peace and blessings to you I would love to sign up for the classes that was posted on your face book
    Zyeedah Willis

  2. These 2 podcasts with you & Christian were amazing! I have to admit when I first saw them posted I thought “oh, I don’t know how interesting it’ll be to listen to this story.” Boy, was I wrong! I am even more inspired now to figure out how to fight the attacks the enemy brings into my own life.
    I have to ask…is there a way for me to contact Christian? I’m coming to the Dallas area in the end of March & I’d love to see if there would be a way for me to meet her & Wendy (the person you referred to as being able to see in the spirit). I would really like do be able to do some sessions with you, Daniel; but I am not DID so i know I’d be waiting a very long time to get in. I’ve taken most of your classes already, so you’d probably recognize me as Daphne. Blessings to both of you.

  3. I absolutely LOVE these 2 very strategic podcasts and here is a true example of God ordained marriage!!! Thank you Christian and Dan for sharing your increfible testimony!!! will there be also be part 4 and 5 ???

  4. Absolutely enjoyed the two podcasts with Christian! It was encouraging to hear testimony of how you both come together against the enemy. After part 2, I was curious about more teaching in line with a spouse being a spiritual back door. I thought was a huge revelation and not something readily discussed in traditional ministry settings…not even marriage seminars. Would Dan and Christian consider talking about this some more? Thank you so much for sharing so much with us on the personal front. It was truly inspiring and encouraging. Multiplied Grace and peace to you both.

  5. I’m so glad I listened to both of these. You two sound so perfect for each other, you really do. She sounds like the female version of you Dan! I love it. Listening to these has also shown a light on marriage for me and how important it is to marry like-minded – on the same spiritual level type of person. I’ve always heard about the unequally yoked relationships and just sort of shrugged it off like oh that doesnt matter… but now hearing how you two had to fight how you prayed together and kicked butt just makes me want to strive for this type of life to live better for Christ to please him!! Also, hearing about how many things your wife did/does has accomplished has also inspired me as a woman.. sometimes I feel like because I don’t have a lot of accomplishments or skills etc that’s the reason I’m not married, also I now knw it was also because I was idolizing marriage.. I’m finally learning and will ace this test with the help of our Lord Jesus! I’m so glad I found you and your ministry, Dan. You have been a blessing for me!

  6. The Holy Spirit led me here and I am now looking for part 3! Also, Christian do you have a copy of the “False Callings” prayer ( I believe I’m facing a similar situation) and how did you come to really know you had a “mining system” going on within you?

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