EXPOSING the How and Why of Rituals with an Illuminati Defector

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Robert Vandriest Mitchell is an Illuminati Defector. He has joined Daniel on a number of occasions to discuss his knowledge and experiences while exposing the dark realities of the Illuminati. Through the power of Jesus Christ, he has escaped decades of active Illuminati control. In this program, he joins Dan Duval to discuss the how and why of rituals. Having been to many Illuminati level rituals throughout his life, his intimate knowledge of what goes on will shed light on the darkness. If you have ever wondered about the reality of rituals and if this kind of activity could be occurring today, you won’t be asking that question after this program.

TRIGGER WARNING: Due to the graphic nature of the subject matter of this program, listener discretion is advised.

1 thought on “EXPOSING the How and Why of Rituals with an Illuminati Defector”

  1. Holy cow, I had the most profound and prophetic dream where I was on a plane that crashed in water, only Jesus was with me and I didn’t need to breathe under water. All passengers were rescued and brought to a secret facility that looked like a hospital that had been vacated quickly prior to our arrival. I looked around and asked the doctor there to examine all survivors, “Is this a secret government facility?” He laughed but I KNEW they were doing secret experiments on prophetic Christians who can “see” into the future and know what’s going to happen. They wanted to know how Christians can do this so they could duplicate it for their plans. End of dream.

    Some time later I was working in LA on a major studio lot and wandered onto one of the sound stages where they were tearing down the set of a TV show that had just been cancelled. (I LOVE behind the scenes stuff!) I practically stopped breathing on the hospital set which looked just like my dream. Freaky!

    What does this mean?

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