Engaging the Courts for Ownership and Order with Dr. Ron Horner

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Visit us at www.brideministriesinternational.com! Dr. Ron Horner is back on Discovering Truth with Dan Duval to continue talking about the Courts of Heaven. He is an expert on the subject, having penned ten separate books on the courts. In this program, he breaks down the courts for ownership, and how false titles and liens influence things in the spirit realm. He explains how they can lead to delay, how they can keep entire people groups out of their destiny, and what to do about it. You can visit Dr. Ron Horner at https://courtsofheaven.info. If you happen to be in the North Carolina area, you can also register for his conference coming up February: Engaging the Courts of Heaven Level 2 Conference February 21-23, 2019 · Albemarle, NC · Registration $50. You can find Dr. Ron’s books at https://bridemovement.com/shop/

3 thoughts on “Engaging the Courts for Ownership and Order with Dr. Ron Horner”

  1. Great,valuable info,Dan! Thanks to you both. PLEASE leave the intro music playing as long as possible. This IS 3rd Heaven portal sound..
    Blessings V.G.

  2. Thank you, Daniel. Culturally, this brings understanding for higher level thinking for how authority works in our nation. Good stuff.

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