DNA, Frequency, and the Subconscious with Dr. Gayle Rogers

Visit us at brideministriesinternational.com! This week on Discovering Truth, Dan Duval brings on Dr. Gayle Rogers to discuss her book “The Whole Soul”. She is a mental health professional, integrating a clinical therapeutic approach using cognitive behavioral therapy along with the healing power of God’s word. She is an expert in post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, addictive personality disorder, sexual trauma, and domestic violence. She is a clinically certified treatment specialist in both domestic violence and sexual offence. She is the founder and president of forever free, Inc and ACE network. She holds a Master’s of psychology and a Ph.D. in Women’s studies. You can find her at www.doctorgayle.com.

3 thoughts on “DNA, Frequency, and the Subconscious with Dr. Gayle Rogers”

  1. Love hearing about deliverance, I got wonderful deliverance from occult activity, had demons cast out of me!

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