Dimensions of Time, Dimensions of Space, and Cherubim Chariots with Josh Peck

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Are there other dimensions of time? What are the implications of higher dimensions of space? What does this have to do with cherubim, flaming swords, the garden of Eden, and the Sphinx? On today’s program Dan Duval and Josh Peck get into it as they dive into Josh Peck’s new book Cherubim Chariots. They explore radical questions with well researched ideas, humor and a bit of speculation. This will definitely be a program you won’t want to miss!

Josh Peck is a Christian author and biblical researcher. He is the founder of Ministudy Ministry, whose goal is to provide short, personal, and inexpensive study materials. He is also the weekly internet radio program called The Sharpening. You can check him out at www.ministryministry.com.

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