Depression, Toxic Overload, and Chemtrails with Dr. Stephen Duncan

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In his first appearance on Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval, Dr. Stephen Duncan captivated us with his incredible insights. He is a naturopathic doctor that has helped many individuals to overcome health issues after they were failed by the medical system. He is joining Dan Duval to continue the conversation that they began. In this episode, you can look forward to learning about depression, the blood type diet, toxicity, and the physiological impact of chemtrails.

You can find Dr. Duncan at or at House of Gilead Centers by calling #972-596-5055.

1 thought on “Depression, Toxic Overload, and Chemtrails with Dr. Stephen Duncan”

  1. Dan, Dr. Duncan is now permanently disabled due to an auto accident and is no longer practicing for that reason. It looks like it was not very long after appearing on your show. I wonder how many people get attacked like this after sharing truth on your platform? I wonder if he knows? Your ministry has changed my life and is the absolute answer to my prayers that took 14 years to manifest. I’m sure you stay connected with the guests that have been on your show, the co-pioneers of the truth movement in the body of Christ, but because nothing can be taken for granted, it might be prudent for me to say that past guests might need your help as fellow generals in the faith. Where are they now? Have they been wiped out? -Blessings

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