Complexities of the Inner World with Robert

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Visit us at! Robert is back on Discovering Truth with Dan Duval. In this episode, he joins Dan to discuss what inner worlds are, and the incredible complexity of the inner world of an Illuminati survivor. According to his testimony, Robert was programmed by both Mengele and Baron Guy de Rothschild. What does this mean? He gets into the challenges that the programming presented on his inner healing journey. Moreover, he and Daniel walk you through the journey to achieving stability on the “inside”. This will be an insiders look into the work of deprogramming, and an episode that you will not want to miss.

5 thoughts on “Complexities of the Inner World with Robert”

  1. I’ve been listening to the Robert series. I have to say my world was blown away I had to begin seeing things in a different light. It’s sad though what people like Robert had to go through and what others are still going through. In general Dan your podcasts have been so helpful in so many ways to people around me too. May God keep bless you.

  2. Lauren Harrington

    Hi, Onobert 15, I am Robert, the core, concerning your question, Alters, in general, don’t be older than the core. I had since 2013, when my programming broke down, 2 main protectors [Taylor and Lauren] that became the host and main presenters. They both were in what we call the human age as teenagers. The aging process on the inside runs on a completely different scale as it does here in 3D land aka on the surface of Planet Earth. Normally Alters never can be older than the core as such. My oldest alter is James, he was created by my Mountbatten programmers. But most are young ones. The ones that have allowed to come out [as we have a certain system on the inside concerning when certain ones can come out] are like teenagers in age. Of course, this can result sometimes in certain situations, as the outside body is that of an adult in his late 40s and or early 50s.

    Albeit as Robert I always stayed mentally young anyway, instead of growing in one direction, I adopted to various contemporaries throughout my age. Meaning my music choice is that of any moment of contemporary music whatever decade we’re in. For instance, most adults when they grow in their 30s, 40s has a certain set of patterns in what they like for instance as music, going back to their early childhood.

    I hope the above was helpful as an answer.
    Robert xx

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