Coaching for Coping with SRA and DID with Dan Duval

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At BRIDE Ministries, we have a heart for survivors. Dan Duval considers it a mandate to help survivors. It’s one of our focus points even though our overarching vision is to promote unity in the body of Christ worldwide and assist in the creation and development of sheep nations. We believe it is our God-given responsibility to educate people on the truth of the kingdom of darkness, and to create tools for those seeking to escape the grips of the enemy. We are in the business of setting captives free! It is in this space that we find ourselves working with survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and government-sponsored mind control agendas, including those dealing with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).

Dan Duval believes that to engage the kingdom of darkness with God’s Kingdom agenda, believers need to be equipped with effective paradigms that will allow them to move strategically. It is our belief at BRIDE Ministries that we can help equip you to advance the Kingdom of God. Attempting to engage in coaching, healing, or deliverance without proper wisdom can lead to tragic results. Every day, people attempt to do this type of work without true Kingdom strategy, and they often end up doing more harm than good.

While Dan Duval has a heart big enough to work one-on-one with every survivor who reaches out, there aren’t enough hours in the day to accommodate that desire. However, he has organized several coping strategy keys that will empower any survivor. To effectively cope with SRA and DID, you’ll first need a foundational understanding of their innerworkings and impact.

In this program, you’ll come to understand that dissociation naturally occurs when a person goes through trauma. Instead of looking at it as a sickness or disease – which it is not – you’ll begin to see it as a universal part of the human condition. This is simply our God-given ability to cope. However, it exists along a spectrum. On the lower end of this spectrum, daydreaming could be characterized as dissociation, as it is essentially an interfacing with the subconscious. As we travel to the higher end of this spectrum, we begin to see varying forms of DID. When we look at survivors, we understand that their God-given capacity to dissociate has been used against them by evil people. It has been hacked and taken advantage of to program them into a state of mind control.

The healing process can look different for each survivor, but most survivors often share one thing in common: a lack of the resources and tools necessary to deal with what they confront on the journey to wholeness. Without the proper framework, they may be unsure where to start, or how to continue and persevere. This is where we at BRIDE Ministries hope to fill in the gaps.

Tune in as Dan Duval details survivor’s guilt, abusive family members, and suicidal ideation as some of the common issues that arise for survivors on their healing journeys.

5 thoughts on “Coaching for Coping with SRA and DID with Dan Duval”

    1. Bride Ministries

      Great question! We are continuing to work toward the school, Rosanne. More announcements will be coming as we progress. We can add your name to a list for interested individuals if you like.

  1. Dealing with DID and co-depenant relationships, where can I get help/deliverance? Orphan/vagabond spirit. Need help!

    1. Bride Movement

      Hi Sharon,
      On the Bride Ministries website, there are tools that can help you. Our Resources page has prayers and how to find a coach for further ministries. Signing up to becoming a member of Bride Ministries will give you access to classes and other tools. You can reach us at

  2. Good afternoon Dan Duval

    My name is Liezl Visagie. I have a friend that went through councelling. SRA/DID and being part of the Hybrid breeding program was confirmed. We are South Africans. She really need a councellor that are trained to help her , but we struggle to find someone in SA to be able to help her. I would first like to know if you are able to do councelling via skype with her? Know someone that will be able to work with her in this very intence process. She is reborn and in a loving relationship with Yeshuah. She have been through horror , so finding the right therapist is so so important. I love her so much and really hope you will be able to help her.

    Blessings out of South Africa

    Liezl Visagie

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