Autism, Hybridization, Bloodlines, and the Secret Space Program

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This week on Discovering Truth, Dan is joined by Benjamin Brodie. He is a man who used to have autism but was miraculously healed by Jesus Christ. His testimony goes into a number of unexpected places, including his selection for operations as a dragon like entity on behalf of the Brodie bloodline. He talks about his experiences on both sides of the veil, and points to the incredible power of Jesus Christ to save, even to the uttermost. You will definitely not want to miss this extraordinary testimony.

10 thoughts on “Autism, Hybridization, Bloodlines, and the Secret Space Program”

  1. This podcast was phenomenal. What a privilege to get insight into the world of autism from someone who has been delivered from it. Once again, I find myself grateful to Bride Ministries for having the boldness to both educate and equip the saints to handle life in the 21st century. Thank you!

    PS. I hope you will not delay in getting Part II published because the cliffhanger was completely unfair!!!!

  2. This was amazing! So timely. I have a niece and a nephew with autism and this answers so many questions and raises so many more. I can’t wait for part 2. Thank you Benjamin for sharing your story. You are giving hope to so many people.

  3. I have listened to both parts and I can only give all the glory to God for his strategic timing and the unfolding of what’s on my bloodlines. My bloodline is McDonald, and goes back to the first King of Scotland who was a McDonald, and he was also the builder of Iona Abbey lead by St Columba. Through various encounters and dreams God has shown me the significance of our bloodline today. A close family member has high functioning autism and I have been contending for them for many years and seen some significant breakthroughs in the last two years. This podcast has completely unmasked it for me and I can see now where the enemy has gained access and the influence it is trying to gain over our bloodline to stop destiny. My posture as of this morning, is oh no you don’t devil, you ain’t gonna control and manipulate my family member or myself any longer.

    I wonder Dan if you could do another podcast with Ben about how we should respond (obviously with prayer, bloodline cleansing, wisdom etc is a given) not just to what holds them in bondage but to autistic sufferers in the natural as regards their behaviours. Rage is a huge thing and any attempt to shut it down escalates horrendously.

    I had joined a Facebook group for autistics and their support carers, but had to leave as the militant advocacy was beyond the norm and I was discerning that there was something else behind it.

  4. I just got to hear Benjamin’s interview with Dan. I am the mom to a 23 year old high functioning Aspie who was a late diagnosis (13 yrs). It has been a difficult time for us because of his social isolation – as much as he reaches out, he suffers rejection because of his ‘otherness’. On a good day, you’d never know – on a anxiety ridden day, it can be all consuming (for everyone). I am the highly creative parent, his dad is the technically gifted one.
    We have done a lot of theophostic work down the years with detailed renunciations and prayers. I think this has made a huge difference yet I feel there is still a lot of work to be done for both of us. As parents, we are exhausted and, at times, so very sad for him. He is a redemptive gift of mercy too and has given his heart to Jesus. Thank you Dan and Benjamin for this exposé of what is really going on. It explains certain experiences early in his life which point to supernatural / otherworldly interactions. Again, a HUGE thank you. This gives us better direction to help in a more meaningful way. BUT GOD..! I thank Him for giving me a son who has a contrite heart and seeks connection constantly. Now we pray 🙂

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