Autism, Hybridization, Bloodlines, and the Secret Space Program Part 2

This week on Discovering Truth, Dan is joined by Benjamin Brodie. He is a man who used to have autism but was miraculously healed by Jesus Christ. His testimony goes into a number of unexpected places, including his selection for operations as a dragon like entity on behalf of the Brodie bloodline. He talks about his experiences on both sides of the veil, and points to the incredible power of Jesus Christ to save, even to the uttermost. You will definitely not want to miss the second part of this extraordinary testimony.

1 thought on “Autism, Hybridization, Bloodlines, and the Secret Space Program Part 2”

  1. WOW! This was incredible. I am so grateful for Benjamin not only sharing the tragedy of his experience but the phenomenal transforming
    PROCESS that he went through to get to full life restoration. The aspect of repentance for the lives he tormented during his own tormented season was mind-blowing. ALL GLORY TO JESUS CHRIST who responded to prayers, set this captive free, healed, delivered, and restored. What an impressive testimony of the work of our Lord and the power of prayer. Thank you, Bride Ministries, for showing us all what is possible!

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