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Do you feel uncomfortable when approaching the subject of angels? BRIDE Ministries believes this signifies a lack of education on the subject. In this episode, Daniel Duval seeks to help you unpack the angelic realm, refuting false opinions that attempt to write off the engagement of angels as being “new age”.

Consider this: humanity itself has been engaging with the angelic realm since Adam walked the earth. Angels predate New Age, Jews/Israel, and all post-flood activity. Remember in the story of the Garden of Eden, when God sent an angel and a fiery sword that turned every which way to protect the garden? Or how about the time in the story of Job, when morning stars shouted for joy as God was laying the foundations of the earth? Today, here at BRIDE Ministries, we find ourselves partnering with the angels of The Lord frequently in working with survivors of satanic ritual abuse. We have personally witnessed how partnering with His angelic realms has unlocked breakthrough in the lives of many.

Listen as Daniel tackles the common misconception that because God is omnipresent, He does not need angels. To disprove this, Daniel helps us to understand what it’s like to be a king. When a king has jurisdiction over a kingdom, he is in charge of everything and the kingdom is a representation of him. In that kingdom, the king is not physically scrubbing toilets, feeding citizens, and tending to every hurt, he instead does so through provisions that he oversees. While Jesus does show up in the Spirit to heal and reveal Himself to people, He also has armies of angels with varying job descriptions that go forth in His name and do His bidding.

In Psalm 103:20, we read that angels heed the voice of God’s word and do what it says (emphasis added). This does not mean that angels do not listen to people. God has given His word to us in the form of The Bible. As believers, when we decree the Word of God, angels heed that word and perform it. One of the goals of BRIDE Ministries is to equip believers to walk in authority and victory. This episode is designed to help you understand that your voice can declare the Word of The Lord. It is by this understanding that you will move into prophetic ministry. Prophecy is the declaring of what The Lord is saying in the form of edification, exhortation and comfort, and angels respond to these words.

Jesus is attended to by the angels, and as co-heirs with Christ, angels attend to us as well. In our work, BRIDE Ministries has engaged several different types of angels, and during this podcast, Daniel will share with you some of their unique roles to help illustrate how you can engage them through faith and action. Some angels are exhausted from trying to complete their jobs without partnership of the person to whom they have been assigned, because the individual is not establishing an environment filled with the glory of God. Angels feed on your worship and declaration of the Word of God. Instead of being frustrated by the enemy, we are designed to be the ones who frustrate the enemy. Tune in, as Daniel explains engaging your brothers in arms to manifest the Will of God in your life.

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  1. This podcast was soooo amazing! Thank you for recording and posting. If and when the whole Body of Christ gets this revelation – we will be sooo soo dangerous and unstoppable to Satan’s kingdom. WOW!

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