The Weapons of Our Warfare – A Kingdom Approach to Spiritual Warfare

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Many Christians are losing the battle with the devil. However, the problem is that most Christians are not equipped with an understanding of the spiritual weapons that God gives. Hence they do not know how to use their spiritual weapons. They find themselves sitting ducks, living life trying to survive wave after wave of the devil’s assaults. What if the devil had to figure out how to survive wave after wave of your assaults in the name of Jesus? In this program Dan Duval gets into the weapons of are warfare, what they are, and how to use them. In order to introduce the subject he will also get into three major questions. The first, is the question of suffering and its role in the life of a Christian. The second, is the question of the extent of God’s control. Is it accurate for Christians to go around declaring, “Well brother, God is in Control!”? The third is the question of dominion. Does the devil have dominion in the earth because of the fall of man? This program is will provide a revolution in paradigm as you are equipped to become a mighty warrior in God’s kingdom. Don’t miss this program!

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  1. I am appreciating this so much. You have brought clarity about earth domination, thank you. I want to learn more about our weapons! Thank you.

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