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Father in heaven, I come before you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I apply the blood of Jesus and cover all technology involved in what I am about to execute. I bind all demons on assignment against the technology in the name of Jesus. I pray that any alters or parts of individuals that would be involved in any way in creating havoc, ruination, or any form of sabotage, including going out of body, linking arms, or joining hands to tamper with the technology, would be stopped, locked down, and put to sleep in Jesus’ name. I cancel and overturn every curse, hex, vex, spell, incantation, form of witchcraft, voodoo, dark art, or other form of weaponized demonic activity, in Jesus’ name. I break the power of all mind reading or control, as well as all psychic prayers, thoughts, power, warfare, stalking, watchers, sickness, pain, and torment coming against myself or anyone else involved, in Jesus Christ’s mighty name. I return love to any human agents deceived into assignments against my technology whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. I speak a matrix of heavenly gold over all technology involved in what I am about to execute to act as a spiritual faraday cage, shutting down all wave-based attacks on my technology. I declare that all technology-related work will be blessed and free of stress. I seal this prayer in every age, realm, timeline, and dimension, past, present, and future, to infinity, in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen!

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  1. Amen….Very apt prayer for the times we are now living in. Thank you for sharing your prayers, may the Most High God bless you richly Daniel.

      1. I prayed this over my classroom printer after it not working for several weeks and then tried using it. Hallelujah! It worked! Now a couple weeks later I need to pray this again for my classroom printer. It’s a powerful prayer!!!!!

  2. I want to say thank you for this prayer, I was attacked by darkness transporting into my apt an leaving a stench and heaviness in my apt and it zapped my ipad . I did not understand anything from that side I was immersed into learning quickly after a few years of attack…then i was introduced to your site of prayers and the Holy Spirit had me pray this prayer last years and my ipad was restored immediantly! So i prayed it over everything in my house . I have had 2 extended hard drives zapped as well as 3 laptops… Smh….. ( very hard way to learn but…. ) I got it now… Wowwww

      1. Yes you are correct! What is up with that spirit tho?? I seem to blow lights out, it would be street lamps or in my homes lamps would flicker it’s so weird.

    1. Wow! That’s an amazing testimony! The dark heaviness reminds me of the black goo prayer. I wonder if there is any connection.

  3. Sittting in a tax office in a rural part of South Africa where the tech isn’t going well and people getting tense. Prayed this prayer and had breakthrough immediately. Thank you Lord!

  4. This prayer will help me as I must believe in order to receive it. I was hacked beginning 2018, and had several routers replaced, and still seem to be under attack today.
    The enemy just doesn’t want me to win or pursue my calling so he tries to attack me through technology.
    Thank you so much for this prayer. I will pray it daily until the enemy stops attacking.

    1. I was so happy to see this prayer! It seems to address every aspect of what a manipulative spirit (who uses other people to sabotage) can and does do. Pray about people who call themselves Christian but do evil things and actually don’t think they’re doing evil! I’m deeply concerned about their salvation!

  5. Darren Armstrong

    GRACE AND PEACE to you Dan Duval your family and ministry, I have been stretched and grew mighty listening and sturdying your videos and teachings. I am a former combat veteran of the Air Force and work for the dept of the Navy. Your ministry has increase my understanding in ways that are not spoken of in the local churches. Artificial Intelligence, Socceries and hybrid tech and preparing for combat aganist such things have been learned from your ministries. God bless you and continue promoting the kingdom of Jesus .. Amen

  6. I have noticed many technical anomalies for myself and others over the last while. Could this be the result of psychic turmoil in the general population?

  7. What I have found is that these prayers are more manifestations of the spiritual realm in the physical world, and that one can pray against demons, in general, to deliver. However, sometimes it does work to pray specifically to the demon you are seeing.

    I wanted to bring you a dream I had, concerning China. Last year, God revealed to me that China would lose a great war; I saw him mourning over the country, which was full of blood, and I heard a voice in the spirit saying that the destruction came because they didn’t believe in God. Yesterday, I had a dream/vision about Xi Jinping trying to cover USB ports, because they had become damaged. He was covering them with a “crazy glue” that came out of a finger-held, round eyedropper. He was covering the ports so that the ports could not be harmed anymore. He mentioned being sick. He also mentioned that he was trying to find someone to help him cure this disease. He said “every port” was damaged. He also pointed out to another disease, “much worse” than the one now, in which your skin peels off you. Jinping is deathly afraid of this, and of remaining sick now. He tried to ask me to help him get rid of the disease. I only thought to myself: the only way is to worship God. Two other entities were mentioned in the dream, as being involved in the attacks: Sophie Trudeau and Edward Snowden. Snowden did NOT look like himself, and Trudeau’s wife looked strange (jumping and dancing around). At the beginning of the dream, she seemed to be an ally who was trying to fight a battle of the mind between Jinping, her and I. Whoever won got to rule their own mind, maybe stop or rule that of others, or keep the enemy at bay. I believe what we were battling was the same infirmity: wormwood. I believe the star that fell from the sky was not a literal meteorite but a fallen angel or a demon that made the “rivers” or the people bitter to drink–unclean. I’ve seen it in different people, like homosexuals, how I can’t preach to them without getting tribulated spiritually. But there is also another thing happening at the same time, which God revealed to me: Revelations 9:11. The angel of death is already in the world, gathering his army.

    I’ve had many visions where Trudeau’s wife is described as Jezebel. I have seen her as involved in witchcraft–I don’t know how true that is. They’re Catholics. All I know is that this and the native American spirits, and spirit walking, and spirit changing, is something that he is still involved with, especially in the call of spirits like his brother’s (he thinks he sees/hears him). I don’t know how true all of this is–I’m also being oppressed in the spirit. But the rest of what I told you is very true.

    I am a victim of DEW, what I believe is V2k, and SRA in Florida. They made me an eyewitness in some ways, so that they could kill me later. The satanic church is VERY involved in the real politics of the world, especially as pertains to Trump’s family, friends, and campaign. QAnon and KKK are very involved, too, as well as gangs of spiritual stalkers and terrorists. ISLAM is very involved in all of these end times events (I have seen them taking over the country, during Biden’s day, and a Canadian prophet has seen a parallel vision there. Both nations had/have to make a decision regarding this man and Islam as a religious power and otherwise as a power, in their countries). I am afraid that the events I’ve seen are already taking place in a place they call “heaven” but that ISN’T heaven, where they are “talking,” and this is a telepathic talking. I’ve been in the same room as them, where they are gathered as powers in a round discussion table, and they mock and play with me as if I were some toy. It seems as though they “bring me there,” somehow.

    God is calling us for a revival, for the destruction of the Asherim, ban of witchcraft and idolatry, and has called homosexuality the King of Syria. He also directed me to the famine in Israel, brought on by that same Aramean army upon them. I believe we are about to see a great event, and that, spiritually, many people will be risen. The rapture must be very soon, and I’ve seen a vision where I am pulled by a young girl and told that we have to “get dressed,” because “the Bridegroom is returning.”

    I’ve also heard an angel tell me that Abraham had two sons and God wants to save them both. I had an amazing, spiritual experience the other day, where I shared this with an Islamic woman, and God made me feel a great feeling of joy, as if I were new again, and as if we were truly sisters, but a spiritual sisterhood. But I am afraid because it appears as though many of us are being risen to spiritual battle, and I’ve seen these battles in the sky; a pastor, for example, going against the Bull, and he was this majestic-looking horse, during the battle, who looked very strong and powerful. A prophet! I’m seeing a LOT of horses around, and I’ve been getting the sign of “people as horses” since 2019, although I can’t say that we’re all horses.

    Prophet births depicted as living inside marsupial bags, inside mommies’ bellies.

    I don’t know why the churches aren’t preparing. We’re already here. I’ve seen the frog spirits already menacing the world (Muhammad as a sex spirit, Kim Jung Un as the Beast, and as being the one who is building the idol of the Beast). As of yesterday, I believe that the third frog is beginning to reveal itself in the world. We have to be careful about Trudeau, he seems to be a volatile force, and he has a lot of pull right now in the war that begins what I believe is the greater apocalyptic war (911). I have seen Bolsonaro trading “companies,” and knowing that the Dragon is in the world–more than once. I knew that his similarities to Trump had to mean trouble, especially the hydrochloroquine, and that’s no joke.

    All of these prophecies are mine, and there are many more taking place around the world–people who are seeing the plagues and tribulations of the apocalypse: massive, worldwide earthquakes; war; plagues; famine. We need to start asking God for prophetic sight as churches, so we can get our battle plans; to unite as only ONE church (not under the Catholic Church, because I’ve also seen the possibility of the antichrist rising out of the church, as a man whose name is Michellini or Michelline, and who attempts to start his reign of power in Ukraine, through the war); and to walk against the ways of the Beast (all immorality, the symptom of multiculturality called idolatry, the separation of church and state, for which we will need a strong One Church, One Spirit, One Law, One Baptism, One Book, One Gospel foundation, first).

    Also, the Lord has told me that the rivers of Hollywood are already contaminated (I assume He meant wormwood), and that Hollywood will burn. I believe it’s time to start calling our people to change, starting with protecting virginity (right now is the best time to do that, out of revocation of Roe Vs Wade) through the change of media for a wholesome life, INCLUDING “good-bye Harry Potter,” which is going to hurt a lot of people and make them hate the person who brings it, but… It’s our souls! We need a full reeducation, which is why I believe God will allow this revival to take place.

    Also: Reporter spirits are a tool of the Beast for the change that is taking place NOW (I call it the Second Change, or the change that leads to the fall of mankind, and I call God’s call to repentance across the world, even in national leaders like Biden, Trump, Trudeau, the First Change). A LOT of people are changing, the police here in Florida is infested, and so is the government. I’ve seen the signs in them and in medicine. I think that’s how they manipulated my medical (mental health) records. There is also something call “determination.” I don’t know what this is, and I’m afraid it might have something to do with the medical industry, because of how I heard this word. I saw Justin Trudeau attempting to give the mark of the Beast to the people, during a time of war (could be right now, spiritual war, or a physical war upcoming, the war of the antichrist), and being worried enough that he says the people “have to be reported. We have to be determined.” And this is how, I guess, he is justifying wearing the mark.

    I’ve also seen Mike Pence wearing the Mark of the Beast, a number that I’ve seen in two ways. The first way is the mark of the beast, the number being this: 1:00:100:001. The second way is a TIME. The time is for the beginning of the war, which, when I had this vision, was one year (from January 2022). Bolsonaro knew this time.

    The angel of death, I believe, came here at the same time as Trump. I’ve been feeling that for a while. Strangely enough, Trudeau was elected for a second term at the same time as him, and they are both tipping points in the balance, where the faring of the Western World is concerned, during the time of the Beast. They are both being called to repentance and to public submission to YHWH, to worship ONLY of Jesus as the Messiah, and to the rebuke of friends. Trudeau has an angel, I’ve felt it, and I’ve heard that he’s a star, but I’ve been hearing that he has either already fallen or will fall (maybe now or eventually, I don’t know if he becomes a man of God and then falls for any reason… Haven’t seen it).

    Please, please, please, speak to your congregations about writing down their prophetic dreams and sharing them. Share them with other congregations and ask them to share theirs. Gather to ask for prophecy from God for a plan for these times and for the upcoming tribulatory events, especially who we can trust as enduring stars from heaven. I have seen prophecy in France of the two olive branches. May it be that they are here soon, and that we have those to follow who are from the Lord!

    God has also revealed the number 144 much, especially when talking about particular things. The 911 is the name for the Time. I know many targets have said that targeting of persons has to do with the 144,000. This is NOT the only number of people who are going to heaven, as Jehova’s Witnesses think. In fact, the Dragon already has the JW–he has some of my own family fooled, because they worshipped in this religion and they thought it was from God (the sharing of minds, which God revealed to me, during a battle against them, as the “two-headed snake.)

    If anyone could get to me… I know a lot of people are seeing visions AND being oppressed at the same time. I’m one of those people. I’d love to talk to someone about what they’re seeing and how they’re preparing and their plan for the end times.

    1. Maryam, you should share this on Latterrain333 blog (ElizabethMarie) who is a watchman & receives prophetic words, very detailed & she has tons of resources to use, similar to your messages, there are many people you could correspond with & also Vicky&Chuck website & on YT – ministry, called Vineyard I think or Little Vineyard, people share prophetic dreams, etc. she is also a prophetic person that releases messages. You could post your visions if the Lord allows it. Always Pray 🙏 for direction. God bless.

  8. You said we could use this prayer for others and for our technology we own. How do we do that? Do we say “Lord, I pray the following prayer for ____”?

    Then for our technology do we need to touch it and then say the prayer?

  9. I got my work printer to work after 3 weeks in an error state and it was immediate. Just prayed this over my apartment internet server and our modem, we will see what transpires!!!

  10. Just prayed this over my husband’s switch and he immediately obtained the slippers for his character that Lucifer was hiding from him. It was heartbreaking to watch his anguish. So impressed with how quickly this worked.
    You are amazing! Amen!

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