Storytime with KC and Dan Duval Part 9 “Bring the Pain”

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Dan Duval brings KC back to discuss part 9 of her journey of deliverance. KC was a client of Dan Duval for a period of months as they worked week after week to undo complex demonic bondages and entanglements that were ruining her life. In the process of her deliverance she took extremely detailed notes of the things she saw and heard taking place in the spirit realm, and joins Daniel to share more of the story. In this podcast you will hear the recounting of a showdown involving a whole group of fallen angels and learn what happened. Don’t miss this ninth installment of Storytime with KC.

2 thoughts on “Storytime with KC and Dan Duval Part 9 “Bring the Pain””

  1. When might we get to hear episode 10? I keep eagerly checking back to see if a new episode has been released — also to see if KC answered my question from episode 7 🙂

  2. I am having a hard time getting to episode 1 of Storytime with KC and Dan Duval. Every time I write it in the search box part 9 comes up! Any suggestions? Thanks.

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