Seeing Behind Enemy Lines with Aprile Osborne

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Visit us at! This week on Discovering Truth Dan Duval you will meet Aprile Osborne. She has been involved in ministry from a young age and traveled and ministers with Dr. Norvel Hayes. She has worked as a youth pastor and teacher. She is also a prolific seer. In a series of encounters going back decades, the Lord has repeatedly taken her “behind enemy lines” to give her an inside look at how elements of the kingdom of darkness operates. She joins Daniel to talk about these things, which have also been detailed in her book “Seeing Behind Enemy Lines”.

6 thoughts on “Seeing Behind Enemy Lines with Aprile Osborne”

  1. Hello Bride tribe people, this is a show that y’all must listen to..!! I really appreciate the message on the garden and going into your secret place to meet Christ Jesus. Thank you Daniel for a fabulous show, once again..!! May God richly bless you and everyone who reads this post. God speed ~

  2. Thank you Dan for always having the best guests. This podcast was so powerful. I had to listen to it twice and I might listen to it again! God is good.

  3. I want to learn more and have your books. Are there going to be any online learning courses?
    I live far from your place and seeking keys and want to help out others as well. My search went on I couldn’t believe all people said was all there is and than God brought me to your site.

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