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Spiritual objects are regularly encountered when the spirit realm begins to be accurately discerned. Spiritual objects can be hooks, gadgets, pieces of technology, implants, wires, computers, and more. They can also be knives, axes, spears, and other weapons that can be lodged in a person’s body, soul, or spirit. These objects exist in the spiritual realm but interface with the physical body and can even be the cause of ongoing illness or physiological discomfort. Many of those that have encountered spiritual devices in their ministry have learned that the devices can be quite stubborn and difficult to remove, even after the blood of Jesus and the name of Jesus have been invoked. This prayer provides incredibly effective language that will help you connect to your breakthrough in Jesus Christ.


Father in heaven, I come before you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and identify that there is a [description of what is being identified] device attached to [describe the area of the body] that needs to be removed. I speak that all of its power sources and backup power sources in every realm, age, timeline, dimension, frequency, vibration, planet, cosmos, constellation, and universe, past, present, and future, to infinity, and from the beginning across eternity, are being presently identified. I speak that they must be unplugged, ruined, and consumed in your holy fire now. I declare that every related document, covenant, contract, agreement, certificate, oath, or vow that exists to permit the maintenance of this device is now brought forth. I call them all stamped with the blood of Jesus, nailed to the cross of Jesus Christ, and burned with holy consuming fire.

I identify all gates related to this device and declare that all pathways to the gates are severed by the sword of the Spirit. I call the gates put to sleep and permanently sealed off with the blood of Jesus. I also sabotage all cosmic regenerator and reinsertion devices and protocols, and call for the removal of every gate, frequency, barrier, equation, cloaking device, force field, sacred geometry, defensive protocol, formula, apex of time, or DNA matrix that would serve to protect that which is being addressed. I call in angels of the Lord that are equipped to remove the device. I cause a heavenly substance to be poured out that will identify to the angels all hidden wires, cables, chips, technologies, components, and hidden things that would hinder prompt removal. I pray that you would have your angels remove the device and dismantle all related systems and portals in the name of Jesus. I declare that this is repeated for every backup program across all time, space, dimension, and reality, such that no reengagement or regeneration program or protocol will be able to engage upon its removal. I pray, Lord Jesus, that you would shift and deactivate all markers and sequences in my person that would allow for a synthetically driven reinsertion of bondage.

I speak life to all flesh attachments in the body and apply healing balm of Gilead, oil of anointing, and the stripes of Jesus to all interface points with the physical body. I call for living water to be poured out to cleanse all residues of the device and speak that the afflicted areas are now being flooded with your liquid love. I now pray that the demonic parties responsible for the insertion of this device would be judged and would receive a hundredfold return for the evil they have perpetrated against me. I release angels with the net of the Lord to apprehend anything that would try to reattach and jump back into another place. I call for anything gathered into the net to be brought immediately into the courts of heaven to be judged for its actions. Thank you for the removal of this demonic device, and the justice that is being meted out in Jesus’s name. Amen.

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  1. Last week the Lord told me to pray over my son, who had been marked with a spiritual device by a witch when he was an infant. He said to pray about the device and showed me where it was located. We started to pray and my son (now a teen) could see it. Yesterday, God spoke to me that healing was at hand, and gave me a powerful word about my son. When we started to pray our evening prayers, I opened the app and saw this prayer, and that it’s dated the 25th, the same day God gave me a word for my son, and not one week after He told us to look for the device and to pray about it. Praise Jesus! Thank you brothers and sisters at Bride. God be praised.

  2. graphene oxide

    Is this also suitable for graphene oxide from all types of sources like food, beverages or even medical treatment like injections? I had to get 4 injections to have teeth removed yesterday and have seen a report that graphene oxide has been found in such vials! This stuff has been reported to be present in so many things we consume daily and are sometimes difficult to avoid or even identify.
    Thanks for your answer.

  3. Perceived Narccisstic Traits and Family Violence.

    Hello Bride Ministries, the Lord has been showing me (in bite sized pieces) since 2016, being born again, and the breakdown of my marriage due to ongoing behavioural issues of my husband, that there is a connection to those who have joined the army, that reptilian species are a thing, and that those who are labelled as “controlling” are indeed a major problem within the so called mental health systems.
    I thank you for this wonderful confirmation that our Lord Jesus had been showing me as truth, and that my inability to describe what had been going on all throughout my life was now front and centre of my world and the culprits in my life being exposed!
    I had concerns that my church had also been using some type of mind control technology on the congregation (me included), another of the issues i could see in the physical as well as seeing some within my church begin to demonically manifest.
    My parents were both dutch, born and lived close to the German boarder of Holland, my mum had been experimented on and was given electric shock therapy in 1975 and was never the same again, and were devout catholics (religious), but who through their own spiritual battles fled Holland to live in Australia.
    I felt God tell me very strongly that medical surgeries (in my case) a tonsilectomy surgery at 5 y.o. along with anaesthesia’s given at the hospital was but one culprit where a
    “Thorn in My Side” placed there by satan had occurred, it was after this time around age 5 that “Spiritual Attacks” began for me, I am now in my early 50’s.
    I am grateful that this truth is coming to light, and more grateful that your ministry has confirmed such horrific actions at the very hands of some people I loved and trusted.

    May God bless this ministry abundantly, in Jesus’s name, Amen.
    Praise be to God Almighty!

    Lisa (Australia).

  4. I just prayed this prayer. A housemate that has spiritual discernment once told me she saw a dagger of fire lodged in my lower back. So I prayed the prayer regarding this.
    During the prayer I felt a sharp stabbing pain going diagonally out of my right side of my back. It was quick, like something being pulled out. I will pray this prayer again and ask for any unknown devices to also be removed. Thank you Father God for your mercy. Bless Dan Duval for his ministry and obedience to your calling on his life.

  5. About 7 years ago I had a CT exam of my abdomen because I was having/still have abnormal abdominal pain. When the radiologist read the CT he noted that I had bilateral “claps” in my abdomen from a surgery. The thing is…I’ve never had surgery on or near my abdomen. Ever. I was so confused and got a second opinion and the doctor showed me where the claps were on the images. And sure enough, on my CT was these 2 identical rectangular white things on either side of my abdomen. I was so shocked and I’m sure I disassociated because I just forgot about it until very recently, and I’ve never asked another question about it. Could this be a spiritual device? Any advice would be helpful.

    1. I think I saw those or similar objects in a dream recently. I saw small, ivory colored rectangles arranged in a pattern or symbol on the floor in front of me. There was a witch who came over and made some sort of motion with her arm or hand and all of the rectangular objects snapped ninety degrees to the left, creating a new pattern or symbol. I felt terribly sick throughout the whole process.

      Have you had any resolution for the problem since you posted this?

      I’m wondering because the witch that I saw in the dream is, in real life, a naturopathic doctor who was treating me for something else (until I discovered she was a witch). While seeing her, I suddenly developed uncomfortable water retention in my abdomen. For reasons that are too complex to state here, I think those rectangles, or “claps,” are causing my water retention/abdominal discomfort.

      Even if you have no resolution to share, thank you for posting this. Now I have a name for those things and can pray against them.

      God bless you.

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