Programmed by Freemasons: You Won’t Believe What She Survived!

Visit us at! Many people that are battling ongoing witchcraft and curses, even after turning their lives over to Jesus Christ, have connections to Freemasonry in their backgrounds. Why is this the case? Some people, even now, still believe that Freemasonry is a harmless club of men that are community leaders. This week you will meet Chaurisse, who was sold to the lodge by her dad. She is a survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse and programming perpetrated against her by Freemasons and others. This program will SHOCK you and comes with a TRIGGER WARNING. Chaurisse will be candidly discussing her memories in acute detail. Nonetheless, this is not a program you will want to miss. If you have Freemasonry in your bloodline, then check out the book “Overcoming the False Verdicts of Freemasonry” below!

4 thoughts on “Programmed by Freemasons: You Won’t Believe What She Survived!”

  1. Thank you for just letting her talk. I was captivated. And heartbroken. I feel like I could have listened to 4 more hours.

  2. This was anything but soporific but I kept falling asleep. Funny, my family was heavily into freemasonry. I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

  3. It is so hard to listen to her recount such a horrific past. I felt it was an act of honor for me to listen because if she can experience it, I can certainly bear to hear it. I believe what she is saying and I know that is one of the greatest gifts you can give to survivors–to believe them.

    Another reason I pressed myself to listen is–I don’t want to have the false reality overlay of “this is not happening in the area where I live.” To do so would cause us to not pay attention to these precious souls and not prepare for someone who is either coming to our life or is already there!

    These stories give us so much insight into what clues we are looking for when getting to know someone who is hurting and also presses us into more intercession for exposure of the adults who are hiding in the shadows of this mess (God help me have compassion for them, too…). What an unholy MESS.

    The constant stripping of clothes from the victims to shame and humiliate is EXACTLY what Jesus did to the enemy after He rose from the dead! Colossians 2:15 “Having stripped them bare, He triumphed over principalities and powers and paraded them in their public disgrace.” Survivors–YOU ARE VINDICATED!!!

    Much love,

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