Political Zionism, the Meaning of Jewishness, and Clearing the Confusion

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Visit us at www.bridemovement.com! At the BRIDE Ministries Church, Daniel has been taking people through a series called Exposing Kabbalah. As part of that series it became necessary to clarify what it means to be Jewish, and how the term Jew has many definitions that give rise to a lot of misdirected debate and confusion within the body of Christ. In this sermon Daniel seeks to put some clarity into the conversation and articulate his own position relative to Political Zionism, as some have wondered why he doesn’t support it. This is an epic program you won’t want to miss. Bring your notepad!

3 thoughts on “Political Zionism, the Meaning of Jewishness, and Clearing the Confusion”

  1. Man! I’m so glad you are teaching this! I get into conflicts with people about this quite often. Thanks for bringing clarity.

  2. ” but He actually didn’t travel there” – wrong! He went to Samaria which is where he met the woman at the well and revealed Himself as Messiah to her. I believe that Gerasenes (aka Gadarenes) where He dealt with Legion was in Samaria

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