Journeying with Jan Part 1 – Soul Capturing, Cosmic Entanglements, and Mengele

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Visit us at! This week on Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval get ready to meet at new voice. Dan is joined by Jan, a surivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Government sponsored Mind Control programming. She begins walking us into her story, explaining some of her early trauma memories and how she didn’t begin receiving them until she was well into her 30’s. She also discusses profound discoveries that have come about as a result of her healing journey. These discoveries include details about what happens to the souls of ritually sacrificed infants, details about how survivors can be entangled with the cosmic soul trade, and details about Mengele. This program will be intense, so don’t miss it!

3 thoughts on “Journeying with Jan Part 1 – Soul Capturing, Cosmic Entanglements, and Mengele”

  1. What is the significance of Rh-negative blood? I ask b/c I have that type. Also, I relaye to some of the things Jan talks about in this podcast. Thank you for courageously sharing your story, Jan!

  2. I am completely mind blown how I’ve just connected to her story! I just read a vision I had in 2020 about the man in the black and white suit that’s inhumanly old looking. I recently connected with my biological father in May and he triggered so much things inside of me. He was/is into witchcraft and so was my mother. I haven’t been able to come out of the dark place since May. Jan you’re so strong for speaking out! Thank you so much! You give me so much hope and faith! God is able!! Thank you Jesus!!

  3. I could relate to betraying oneself. It was hard reliving that moment again. It has placed me in a dark place that with Jesus’s help I am progressing through to the light. Thank you Jan for sharing and helping others with their healing process!

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