Exposing Kabbalah Part 4 – The Fall According to Kabbalah

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Since many believers do not even know what Kabbalah is, they neither know what its beliefs are nor how to identify where its influence has poisoned the waters in the body of Christ. Kabbalah teaches an esoteric template for man and creation known as the kabbalah tree. Kabbalah as it is understood today is derived from its source in Jewish Mysticism. It is a source of revelation for students of the deep occult. Thus, we are going to learn why Kabbalah, at its core, is a doctrine of demons and a revealing of the government of Lucifer.

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  1. Tallinlane Tartus

    I would be interested if someone ever exists outside Russia who could explain what kind of a spirit is behind Eternal Feminine, Soul of the World or Sophia, the Wisdom of God that philosopher Vladimir Solovyev (1853-1900) met three times in his life. The question is not only about the camp or side of the spirit but rather what is this spirit’s real essence. I quote “In the Russian Orthodox tradition, Sophia was known as Sofia, premudrost’ bozha (Sophia, the Wisdom of God)”
    His first meeting of this spirit resulted in a poem
    “Suffused with the golden azure,
    Holding a flower from distant worlds
    in your hand,
    You stood with a radiant smile.
    Nodded to me, and vanished into the mist.”

    The same spirit names itself the Soul of the World but as humanity is fallen, this soul if also fallen. I’m not going deeply into every aspect if it but just an example. The purpose of the poetry would be to clean the fallen soul of the world from the mud. But then, if the spirit itself already says it is fallen and we don’t really cannot find any connection to the redemption of Jesus regarding Sophia in the works of Solovyev, we could draw very easy conclusion. The question is more, what is really behind the spirit who met the philosopher in visions. It has to do a lot with influence on culture a century ago and not only.

    Quotes are from this source: https://www.academia.edu/5331853/Sophia_and_the_Russian_Mystical_Tradition

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