Engaging the Courts of Healing with Ron Horner and Natalie Olson

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Visit us at www.bridemovement.com! Sickness and Disease cause great pain and heartache all across the earth. While we in the body of Christ know that Jesus died for our sicknesses and diseases, many Christians still battle autoimmune disorders, depression, anxiety, cancer, and other afflictions. Why does this remain the case and what haven’t we learned about how to administrate the finished work of Jesus Christ? Ron Horner and Natalie Olson join Dan Duval in this week’s podcast to break down an approach to appropriating the healing power of Jesus Christ by engaging with the Courts of Heaven. This is a revolutionary program you will not want to miss! You can find Ron at www.courtsofheaven.net. Buy Dr. Ron’s book “Engaging the Courts of Healing & the Healing Garden” at https://bridemovement.com/product/engaging-the-courts-of-healing-the-healing-garden-dr-ron-horner/

5 thoughts on “Engaging the Courts of Healing with Ron Horner and Natalie Olson”

  1. As an MD, this was a very fascinating and refreshing podcast to listen to. These folks make Heaven seem way more exciting than we made it out to be.

    There are some big name diseases that we need solutions for which have cost families and nations easily multi-millions of dollars annually example Alzheimer disease, ALS, Parkinson disease, RA etc. I suppose I’ll be frequenting the Courts of healing, the Hospital and that very interesting Garden.

    keep it up Dan!

  2. Awesome Dan! I have saved the previous podcasts by Dr. Ron and I have continued to share! These are important keys. One more weapon in our arsenal! God bless you young warrior! You are appreciated and SO NECESSARY!

  3. how exciting…would love to be a part of being able to help others in their healing….will come with time. as the Lord trains me and raises me up…

  4. This was a very timely podcast. I just finished listening to Dimensions of Healing 1 & 2. Would love to hear more testimonials of how this works with mental issues; Bipolar, schizophrenia, etc.

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