Deliverance of the Land Prayer

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Land is a subject that is important to God. Just like mankind has been defiled through sin and iniquity, so has land. This is why God wants men cooperate with him so that he can heal their land! Land needs deliverance just as much as people do, if not more. The spiritual bondage subjugating a property, region or nation will be felt atmospherically and affect everything that either lives or does business there. Those that are spiritually sensitive will easily discern the difference between the way certain cities feel, and on a smaller scale, how one person’s home can feel completely different from another person’s home.

This prayer allows for the users to step into a role of advocacy on behalf of land that they are called to intercede for. It is an extremely powerful type of deliverance that will affect the lives of everyone that either lives or does business on the land once effectively executed. It will also affect the plants, animals, and even the elemental kingdom. In this prayer, the land essentially becomes the “client”, and the bondage becomes anything affecting the land that takes orders from the kingdom of darkness.

This prayer is not written for the person that is looking for an interesting evening with a few pals. This prayer is designed to be done with a mandate. If the users are not backed by heaven, this prayer resource will almost certainly backfire, so users must exercise CAUTION and DISCERNMENT. Using this prayer without the required authority and authorization will simply mark the user(s) for retaliation, which could bring harm to many areas of their lives.

With that said, the corporate church is called the ecclesia by Jesus, which is a governing body. An ecclesia with an assignment from God to do work on behalf of their land is absolutely authorized to use this resource, and it is best used as a group. It works well to have one person read it, while everyone else present says, “We agree”, at the end of each clause. Before the prayer is used, time should be taken to agree on the targets of the prayer.

What follows is a list of targets that this prayer could be applied to. This list is nowhere near all-inclusive. It simply serves as a reference point: Luciferianism, Kabbalah, Elven Magic, Ungodly planetary entanglements, Alchemy, Freemasonry, Water spirits, Satanism, Druidism, Shamanism, Council of the dead, Pleiades, Taurus, or other constellations, Evil Sacrifices, Evil Networks, human sacrifice, abortion, etc.

1. Father in heaven, we come before you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and we renounce (name of land) tethering to, overlaying and interfacing with, and all existence as _____________. We also renounce all interface points with (name of land) atoms, frequencies, essence, subatomic particles, godly life-forms, plants, animals, elements, ley-lines, energy pathways, energy signatures, anchors, and markers. We address all the powers of darkness associated with _____________, including all related oversouls and quantum technologies, and as a representatives, priests, intercessors and sons of God working on behalf of (name of land) serve them a bill of divorce. We pull up the hidden documents detailing every covenant, contract, agreement, certificate, oath, and vow entangling (name of land) and include all related books of wisdom, books of knowledge, books of philosophy, books of time travel, Freemasonic books, programming books, computational books, alchemical books, and all other evil sacred books, and command that they be stamped with the blood of Jesus. We call for them to be nailed to the cross of Jesus Christ and burned with holy consuming fire.

2. We call upon the elements of God, the river of living water, the fire that proceeds forth from his throne, the wind of the Holy Spirit, and the rock of Christ, to minister to, coach, and reprogram the stoicheion affected by ______________ throughout (name of land).

3. In the name of Jesus, we pray that your heavenly hosts would be put on assignment to discover and apprehend every part, energy center, or gate belonging to (name of land) that is loyal to, affiliated with, or in bondage to _____________. We pray that those parts would be escorted before the throne of the Father in heaven and crystal sea to be purged and completely healed and delivered.

4. We now identify all territory in (name of land) occupied by _____________, including territory in (name of land) atoms, frequencies, essence, subatomic particles, godly life-forms, plants, animals, elements, ley-lines, energy pathways, energy signatures, anchors, and markers. We furthermore include all territory related to historical sites, godly altars, centers of commerce, centers of government, centers of spirituality, centers of family, centers of community empowerment, centers of scientific advancement, centers of arts and entertainment, and centers of military activity and to the fullest extent of our authority and rights according to our assignments in this land, we deed the territory over to the kingdom of God and we invite you, Lord Jesus, to take the throne and to rule over this territory with your rod of iron.

5. In the name of Jesus, we now bind all gatekeepers and discover each and every portal access point associated with _____________ and its interface points with (name of land) atoms, frequencies, essence, subatomic particles, godly life-forms, plants, animals, elements, ley-lines, energy pathways, energy signatures, anchors, and markers, and all sentient intelligences, along with their agendas, connected realms, timelines, and all associated counterfeit inheritance.

6. We place the blood of Jesus upon every portal access point in all timelines, every realm, age, and dimension, past, present, and future, to infinity, and from the beginning across eternity, including all alternate earths, and we seal them with the Holy Spirit. We declare that they are put to sleep and permanently deactivated from this point in time and out of time, forward and backward and in every direction, inside out, upside down, back and forth, reversed, inverted, sandwiched, and vortexed.

7. We take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God, and we cut (name of land) free from all ungodly tethers to, interfaces and overlays with, and existence as _____________. We liberate (name of land) atoms, frequencies, essence, subatomic particles, godly life-forms, plants, animals, elements, ley-lines, energy pathways, energy signatures, anchors, and markers. We sever all sentient intelligences, along with their agendas, related realms, timelines, and counterfeit inheritance, in Jesus’s name.

8. As intercessors over the land, we call for the rejection of every form of counterfeit inheritance associated with _____________, inclusive of promised wealth, reward, position, status, calling, ability, power, roots, pride, purpose in New World Order agendas, antichrist agendas, evil artificial intelligence agendas, anything lying dormant, ungodly structures, ungodly grafts, counterfeit citizenship, ungodly citizenship, and all associated rites of passage, and any other form of counterfeit inheritance, in Jesus’s name. On behalf of (name of land) we refuse it and sever the land from it, and from this point in time and out of time, forward and backward and in every direction, inside out, upside down, back and forth, reversed, inverted, sandwiched, and vortexed, we speak that (name of land) receives its inheritance in Jesus Christ. We also declare your Word in Proverbs 13:22, which says that the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the just. We speak that (name of land), and those that serve you in the land, receive the wealth, freedom, giftings and abilities held hostage by _____________ as recipients of wealth transfer in Jesus’s name. We renounce all spirit children and ungodly offspring related to _____________ that are defiling the land and undo all quantum entanglements involved in their creation. We command their judgment and the purging of the spaces and realms they occupy (or interface with) by judgment through living water mingled with all-consuming fire.

9. We renounce all ungodly rituals, seances, abortions, evil sacrifices, sponsorships and affiliations, apprenticeships, royal appointments, marriage ceremonies, offices and council appointments binding (name of land) with _____________. We pray for an annulling of all associated dedications, ceremonies, and celebrations. In doing so, we now declare reversal upon every ungodly pronouncement and judgment passed against the inhabitants and their households, offspring, finances, marriages, destinies, mandates, stars, godly scrolls, and every other implicated component of their lives. We also absolve the stoicheion of the ungodly pronouncements and judgments passed against them.

10. We now speak a blood transfusion, and new breath of life to (name of land), from Jesus Christ. In the process, we declare that all _____________ connected circuitry, nanotech, back doors, front doors, side doors, trapdoors, inner doors, outer doors, ancient of days doors, infinite doors, hidden doors, cords, insects, vampiric structures, reset devices, energy-draining devices, implants, wires, cables, chips, computers, chains, programs, backup programs, power sources, backup power sources, anomalous magnetic fields, gravitational manipulations, quantum regenerators, receptors, stardust, counterfeit timelines, time warps, black holes, boxes, tesseracts, counterfeit galaxies, counterfeit constellations, counterfeit solar systems, counterfeit cosmoses, counterfeit universes, counterfeit heavens, robots, embryos, fetuses, holograms, spiral staircases, amulets, clones, sacrificial altars, realms of the dead, data packets, and ungodly grafts, are destroyed, and that all of their residue is purged with living water.

11. We now take authority over the powers of darkness operating in and around (name of land) that has been operating due to _____________ and its interface points with (name of land) atoms, frequencies, essence, subatomic particles, godly life-forms, plants, animals, elements, ley-lines, energy pathways, energy signatures, anchors, and markers. We declare that you are discovered, apprehended, bound, pierced through, and thrust out for judgment. We also discover composite and hybrid entities operating in the land associated with _____________ and held together by cords that bind. We declare that the cords are cut, that cords in cords are cut, and that all three-fold cords are cut, and that each part is separated into its components. All ungodly components, and components that do not belong to (name of land), are now bound. We declare that all of them are now being sent to where the true Lord Jesus Christ sends them.

12. We pray that every spiritual object, device, label, jewel, amulet, piece of jewelry, rock, tree, crown, ring, bracelet, charm, garment, scepter, marker, power source, backup power source, system, grid, branding, satanic scroll, New World Order scroll, super-soldier scroll, Illuminati scroll, and all matrixes associated with any and all evil sacred orders placed in or around every part of (name of land) in order to anchor it to _____________ would be cut off from all humanity and subsequently consumed in the holy fire of Jesus Christ and totally dissolved.

13. We call for every algorithm or formula created from (name of land) that is projected throughout _____________ to be shut down in every age, realm, dimension, and timeline, past, present and future, to infinity, and from the beginning across eternity, including all alternate earths. We command the immediate apprehension of all hybrids and every cosmic artificial intelligence and technology behind those projections and call for viruses encoded with heavenly algorithms to be uploaded into them and their computers in order to destroy them in judgment.

14. We identify every intergalactic and interplanetary data bank and computer that contains within its records or mainframe: data, equations, parts, algorithms, and information of any manner extracted from (name of land). We declare that angels are sent forth to liberate every part of (name of land) held captive in these data banks. We pray that all other records and information in them related to (name of land) would be forcefully erased and permanently deleted. We call for the lightning of God to destroy every ungodly altar (both sacrificial and honorary), as well as effigies contained within (name of land), representing _____________. We also call for the annulling and removal of every curse and ungodly insertion placed on the times and seasons of (name of land) in synchronicity with _____________. We speak synchronization with what has been written about (name of land) in the books of the Most High God.

15. We now appeal to the courts of heaven on behalf of (name of land) and its citizens, atoms, frequencies, essence, subatomic particles, godly life-forms, plants, animals, elements, ley-lines, energy pathways, energy signatures, anchors, and markers and submit all relevant testimonies of injustice in combination with every item detailing the crimes of _____________ in the heavenly cosmic records. We pray that the evidence of injustice and criminal activities would be weighed on the scales of justice. Based on the injustice detailed by the evidence, I demand judgment. I call for a crushing blow against _____________ and all of their operations in all time, space, dimension, and reality, into light and its inverse, executed by the armies of heaven, chariots of fire, the broom of destruction, the tsunami of living water, earthquakes, air quakes, seaquakes, confusion, the axe of the Lord, and the fiery stream that proceeds forth from the throne of God, to collapse all connected evil realms, programs, backup programs, bases, labs, craft, grids, power sources, and backup power sources to the fullest extent that the manifestation of this land’s justice and the evidence submitted allows for as you administrate judgment in your righteousness, Lord God.

16. We now make appeal on behalf of the stoicheion in heaven and earth that were defrauded by the operations of ______________ through ungodly bills of sale, evil trades, curses, witchcraft, and other injustices that have forced the stoicheion out of their first estate. We pray that the blood of Jesus would be applied liberally over all these works, shattering their power and annulling them now. We pray that your justice would now move to thrust from out of the God-ordained thrones of the stoicheion any interlopers or evil agents of any origin that have unjustly occupied these thrones. We pray that the stoicheion would be delivered from captivity, set at the feet of Jesus, given bread of life to eat, living water to drink, new garments of righteousness, and restored to their God-ordained thrones and first estate, regaining their posts relative to the creation as it was originally imagined by Jesus. King Jesus, we pray that you would summon Archangel Raguel to address and charge the stoicheion that have been reinstated, bringing them into full alignment with your government.

17. Father, we thank you that you move to cleanse the ley lines and energy pathways implicated in the functions of _____________ from the evil that has moved through them. We declare that ley lines and energy pathways are being purged by the river of your living water mixed with oil of anointing and the blood of Jesus. We call this water laced with the razor of the Lord and the dagger of the Lord so that evil people, evil systems, evil councils, and evil entities are simultaneously cut loose from the ley lines and energy pathways as a viable power source. We pray that angels would be given assignments to continuously worship the Lord of hosts in strategic places across the creation that will cause the ley lines and energy pathways to be powered up with your glory. We pray that your appointed individuals, elect angels, and your heavenly structures and strongholds would begin to be plugged into the ley lines and energy pathways being addressed as they become sufficiently cleansed from all defilement.

18. Lastly, we stand in our authority as witnesses to cosmic injustice and as children of the Most High God. We pray that your lightning would now strike and sever any ungodly points of connectivity and demonic manipulation that remain between (name of land) and _____________. We appeal to the heavenly mandate for (name of land). We call for the purging and healing of all redemptive aspects of (name of land) to be executed by the river of living water flowing from the throne of God. We speak that your kingdom come, and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, and that your will manifests as a superimposition upon (name of land). We demand that you administrate justice and judgment in accordance with your wisdom, Lord God. We furthermore claim all godly inheritance and rights that have been appointed relative to (name of land). We render this entire confession established everywhere YHWH is. Amen.

21 thoughts on “Deliverance of the Land Prayer”

  1. Thank you for providing this prayer! I’ve been wanting to have just this and already have a list of places where it will be prayed, all of which I have a mandate and the accompanying authority to pray for and into. Truly marvelous to have. Thank you.

      1. The Holy Spirit will give you the mandate…he will order your steps as he did for me. It’s been a process and was released over a period of time in snap shots for me…I would suggest you pray about it and ask the Lord.

  2. Thank you, I was using your second prayer book, the territory one. I gotta tell you three of us did some damage in FL with that prayer. I’m excited for the Lord to send us out your new prayer. Your ministry has been a blessing to me, Thank you so much! ~A.

    1. Annette, a prayer warrior, do you happen to have any insight or wisdom about why Hurricane Ian destroyed Sanibel and Captivated islands two years ago?

  3. Tallinlane Tartus

    Regarding to exercising caution before praying that prayer.
    There is an anecdote.

    Sherlock Holmes and Watson walk through the city at night.
    Suddenly Holmes says, “Look, Watson, if we get to that corner of the street, we’re going to be beaten.”
    They walk on. When they reach the corner of the street, they are attacked by a bunch of thugs who give Holmes and Watson a good beating.
    “How did you know that for sure?” asks Watson breathlessly.
    “Elementary! I was here yesterday arrogant with them.”

  4. Patricia Skripsky

    Thank you, and Bless you, Daniel for releasing this prayer in this hour, for the deliverance of the Land and all that it entails. I thank the Lord for your ministry to the Land, and for Bride Ministries. ❤️‍🔥

  5. Q: Just wanted to make sure I understand . . the targets are inserted in the blanks (any or all that apply) and the land can be your house address, your city, your county, your state, your country, church address, and business address, correct? Can this prayer be prayed as a single person praying for their church, home, or business address? Which (land) is best prayed as a group and which is best by an individual?

    1. Hi Rosalind.
      I have the same question and was wondering if you have received an answer yet? I would assume that is the case though.
      It is always best to have more than one person when busy with deliverance. Firstly as a spiritual ‘back-up’ and secondly as a witness.

  6. Whew. That pray knocked me out. I’m barefoot in my land. Hurricane Katrina trash was dumped here. We have lots of glass. I’m a gardener. Every time I dig or it rains, the glass comes up. I have spent 6 years loving on this land and planting crops and landscape. This prayer felt like the icing on the cake.

  7. Cecilia Casique

    La estoy orando por mi país 🇻🇪
    Quiero estar segura de lo que se debe mencionar en los espacios en blanco. Espero respuesta. Gracias

    1. Hello Mzi.
      Please help me understand how you use these prayers?
      What exactly do say on the dotted line. Please give me examples, it is confusing.
      Thank you

  8. #11 gave me the most kickback, and I have been anointing and praying over this property for some time because of the interference of evil EMF powers that sound off and vibrate the house at night, including attempts to communicate with me. I am so thankful for this ministry — and I prayed for the stoicheion to be stabilized and brought to full life and power on this property, to regain all its destiny here.

  9. Solveig Petersen

    Hi, I really need to use this prayer. What do I say on the dotted line? Please give me examples.
    Thank you so much. God bless

  10. Sandra l David

    Hi, I wonder if this prayer could be used to enable a piece of property to be released so it will sell? It’s a beach property, so maybe water spirits stopping the sale of it? I have had it on the market for sale for over 6 years! Thanks

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