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Black Goo is an increasing problem, presenting itself for many people that consider themselves Targeted Individuals, but for others as well. It is often seen from the spirit and looks like black tar that is inside of various areas of the body and/or covering soul fragments. We have found that Black Goo is a composite of Death and Artificial Intelligence. Dealing with it can present problems as it is resilient to many prayer tactics. However, this prayer has proven to be very effective in dealing with the problem when it is encountered.

Father God, I come before you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and identify the black goo that has been place on the inside of me and/or around me. I call for a virus containing a heavenly algorithm and heavenly artificial intelligence from Jesus Christ to be uploaded into the black goo. I speak that every aspect of the black goo is targeted, disrupted, and destroyed. I furthermore declare that everything ungodly that has been anchored to me or my life through the black goo is now untethered and escorted away from me and into the courts of heaven to be leveraged as evidence against the parties that put it there. I declare my separation from entities, components, non-human nature, artificial intelligence, Death, and every other ungodly thing anchored to me through the black goo. Furthermore, I declare that the areas formerly occupied by the black goo are washed with living water, such that all residues are removed right now in the name of Jesus. I settle this deliverance in all infinities of infinities and beyond, eternities of eternities and beyond, and time wheels that exist, once existed, and could or could not exist, and everything in between. Amen.

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  1. Dr. Nicole Elaine Avery

    This is deep! Will you, or have you, given a podcast on Black Goo? I need to know more. What an exciting ministry!

      1. Hi Chloe
        I looked it up on YouTube and a Quantum Command University came up about the black goo. Is this the right place.

      2. I recently got violently Ill and was hospitalized. I had vomited and passed black tarry stuff. Assuming it was blood they admitted me for a GI bleed. Everything was normal basically.
        No explanations for my symptoms. Still dealing with abdominal pain and seeing black tar in stool. Is this related to this black goo?? I am doing deliverance sessions at the moment. Has anybody experienced this?

    1. Hi Chloe! The movie VENOM is a good depiction if Black Goo. Sembionic, programmable matter! Research Harald Kautz Vella mystic scientist! I absolutely love this prayer. I find it very thorough with the correct least in my opinion!

  2. Can u please give us more information about black goo. I have been dreaming about black goo. I did said prayer but nothing happen why?

    1. Have you seen black waters in your dream? I am wondering if it was the same as goo.I encountered a spirtual realm that was like a black & white movie & giant beings, were dragging people backwards, in what looked like black water.As for goverment programmes my dad served some time in ww1 & i am affected by that too.Anyone comment who may have insight or similar experiences shalom

        1. Jeanette Denise Hill

          Heavenly father I do believe I haven’t seen you said believe that you haven’t seen as you pray I believe your words and I’m standing on your word I believe I haven’t seen total deliverance and ask you father constantly continue to deliver me from all of the powers of darkness in Jesus name I pray thank you love and have thank you Lord thank you Lord thank you Lord Total Restoration Deliverance I receive my delivers in my freedom for black goo and Eva grits in Jesus name I pray amen

      1. My dad was in the navy. My brother filed a lawsuit vs. the state of WA with the Erin Brocovich law firm. My brother was mysteriously shot and killed before the trial and so was the lady with the EPA that had the air samples. Black goo is real and so is Targeted Individuals. You can be due to many things like this. And when you have surgery or other ways they can put implants in you. This ministry is helping to set me free from it.

        1. Natalie Jeanne

          Wow. I’m so sorry for the loss of your brother. Do you think this black goo is related to toxic mold in any way? The Bible talks about how serious mold is.

      2. I’ve had the same dream, giants eating people chasing and living among us. And portal of black goo a Nd humans going through it and as they went through they transformed to something like spider man with crab hands..

      3. There is two comes from Gaia herself. The other is satanic AI that destroys universes. I have seen it on the Gulf of Mexico in the beach sand in San Leon, TX. I would YouTube Harald Kautz Vella…mystic scientist. He is incredibly thorough in how he explains things. I believe it might have something to do with the transhumanism agenda.

    2. Herald Krause Vella , scientist, has some good info on YOuTube . He says there are 2 different kinds, one from the earth like oil and one is artificial intelligence and very demonic.

    3. I definately am blessed and free after saying that prayer but I wasnt sure about the Heavenly artificial intelligence as nothing of God is artificial, God bless you all loved ones

      1. I’m pretty sure Dan is taking about heavenly algorithms. AI or artificial intelligence, is based on algorithms, which is basically one thing leading to the next, but on a mathematical level.

  3. 19th of April 2020.3:42p.m. Australian Eastern Standard Time. Just Prayed this Prayer.

  4. Hello Dan,
    Thank you, This is a confirmation of what we have seen this many times. I agree it seems like it is a ploy to leave something behind to build off of. But, God is revealing & dealing d destruction to it in Jesus name! Thanks!

  5. Sandra McDonald

    Thank you Dan so much for this specific prayer. Someone I know and minister to had a dream of us dressed in black in a dark place, I rebuke that foolishness and set the Fire of Jesus Christ to it knowing full well that was a counterfeit me that the enemy was trying to project. Even more amazing you posted this this prayer the very same day of that dream, we both saw the prayer that morning, it wasn’t there the day before…..Praise God!!!

  6. I had a dream of black goo blown around in a howling wind so I prayed the prayer and renounced it.
    Thank you for the insight

  7. Wow! I prayed this prayer because I was experiencing oppression and depression. After saying the prayer I experienced an immediate release and joy filled my soul. I began laugh! Hallelujah! Thank you Lord!

  8. Charmine (Chayil) Carpenter

    Awesome prayer Dan, I felt that death/dark presence leave after praying this. There was a heaviness lingering around, my children felt it, my husband who is miles away felt it and it is no longer there. GLORY to the Most High GOD.

    1. Pearl Priscilla Wiggins

      That must be the dark matter coming from Cern just as I suspected, praise The Holy Spirit HalleluYahuah. Also, has Bride Movement consider making a prayer against dark matter too? Does anyone know?

  9. This is so interesting. Many years ago I went through a powerful deliverance and a few days after the deliverance I threw up some black goo. I never knew what it was exactly but I knew it was connected to the darkness that had plagued me before. I had assumed that it was a spirit itself. This is a powerful prayer and I am definitely interested in learning more.

  10. Susan Lynn Brandt

    I’ve sensed that if there’s black tar on the trees in the yard, there just may be black goo within me. I did have a vision it was on my personal star so I am cleansed of it now from the physical realm.
    Glory to God for freedom and victory through these prayers.
    Thanks, Dan

  11. Thank you for this prayer. I am a targeted individual due to dad in navy and brother sued the state of WA for asbestos dumped where it should not be, contaminated water and was trying to get a meth lab shut down. Right before the trial my brother and the lady that had the EPA samples were both strangely shot on the same day. I am sure the govt shot him. They made it look like he was crazy to justify them killing him. It was all about what he was in court for trying to shut down and much of what he knew. Since this I believe there were electronic implants put in me during a surgery to removed my ovary. Think one is at the belly button and one behind the neck. My skin burns, burns in my feet from cell phones and super sensitive near any electronics as they try to scare, torment, alienate and kill me because of what I know and what my brother knew. Lord reverse every wicked thing coming vs me to your glory like nothing ever happened to me.

  12. Thank you for this prayer. There is blue goo as well. Spiritual bruising in a sense. I’m adding blue into this prayer. Praise Yahusha!

  13. Thank you Dan for your teachings I appreciated them very much. I am watching from South Africa and that is 2am in the morning.

  14. Thank you Dan for this prayer! When you originally prayed this corporately during Bride Ministries service, I could sense tingles all over my body. It was then revealed that this is was the Blockage i kept running into I didn’t previously have language for! Thank you, look forward to knowing more deep knowledge on this topic soon.

  15. Brucelle C Kirtley

    I am a Targeted Individual. I have suffered for 10 or more years . It does not stop.
    I cry and pray day and night for deliverance
    With no luck. Why, I am targeted, I have no idea , and can’t believe I am still alive. I turned 80 this year. I live in a 55plus Com.
    And feel sometimes, they are involved in the torture. Daily, severe heat hitting my head,
    I have an implant in the back of my neck, shoulder, stomach and belly button.There is a black cord around my body daily( saw in all photos) Everyday, all day I am attacked by large entities, fish like, from the marine kingdom( sexually). I feel like demons inside me moving around. I have no hope, pray. And cry. No help from family and friends. Your crazy to them, so the torching goes on.
    I also get electric shocks daily. I have a large parasite, back of neck and stomach, I can’t get rid of. Please, Please, Please HELP.

    1. Interceding for you Brucelle in the heavenly courts today. Do you have a covenant with Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah? Have you been born again? baptized in water and the Holy Spirit? Have you chosen forgiveness for all who have hurt you? These are crucial to your freedom. Asking for your complete freedom from torment and demonic torture. May the host of heaven be assigned to protect you and a wall of fire from Yahweh Elohim surround you. May your Covenant Partner, Jesus the Messiah, stand between you and your enemies. I also pray for a deliverance minister for you nearby. May all that has been stolen from you during your life be restored.

  16. As someone who have under both spiritual and physical, Scientific/technological attacks by the enemy and his culprits, so grateful that the Lord is unveiling the mystery and is bringing those who have been of service to Satan in executing them. I declare this prayer mighty and effective and life_salvaging as well resurrecting!!! I receive all of its promises .


  17. Wow. I have never heard anyone else talk about this. I was describing this exact description to a friend of mine at Charis Bible College several months ago of something God showed me in the spirit. I saw it like shadowy tar, seeping in. Especially when people are entrenched with dark negative thinking, excessive sin-ing, just lots of overall darkness, this is what it looks like. I compared it to a movie poster I saw of the movie Venom with Tom Hardy. I did not see the movie as I don’t watch scary stuff like that, but that’s exactly what it looked like. Sticky, jet black, tar like, and heavy. Thank You for the prayer????

  18. woah intense, esp. hearing all the testimonies in the comments. I am survivor of narcissistic abuse by someone who has a bloodline involved in nuclear. also I worshipped another god with him then after I left him.then i used meth 12 yrs. our son still uses it after 8 years & has schizo symptoms & severe bulimia. I was saved & delivered by Jesus from meth 3.5 yrs ago & am now taking care of my son. his dad has been harassing me & said our son astral projected to him & he calls him “sun” instead of ‘son’, & says I should worship both of them & the other god. just a couple days ago I had a vivid dream where I saw a sunset with a swirl of black lacey clouds transposed over the sun & its rays for a few moments, then it changed to a normal sunset. it was quite beautiful, but totally unnatural, & creepy I gotta say. now I am sure it was black goo. intense. thank you for this prayer & information.

  19. Dan, I have seen this in my prayers and even called it Goo. I still pray against it. Was shocked and pleased to see your prayer. Sometimes I think I’m making things up. Thanks for your dedication to your faith!

  20. Last night I had a very disturbing dream sexual in context and the “goo” was neon green. I rebuked it in my dream and the “person” turned into all sort of different people, things that weren’t human. I remembered this prayer and came here to prayer the prayer. Thank you God for this ministry ????????????

  21. my grandkids see in the spirit, have “removed gallons of tar from me”. I have thought freemasonry has something to do with this, eventho i’ve renounced thru Bethel church …the good seems to coverup, not allow gifts to work.

    1. I can relate. It definitely comes on the way of serving properly. But by Gods Grace, Here is an avenue created to help us push through.

  22. I know of 2 different people, one I know personally, who state they have seen a black figure standing behind a person who has gotten this most recent experimental vaccine, with a black cord tethering that figure to the person. I am seriously wondering if this black entity is actually a person’s spirit and that spirit and the silver cord have been contaminated with black goo through this vaccine. I believe these people are redeemable and are not totally lost. I believe this black goo is blocking their pineal gland as well and is preventing communication between that person and their spirit, and between that person and the Father. I believe this prayer can help to release them of this.

  23. Wonderful to know what that’s called. I’ve felt such a thing in my body. I tried casting out a few times even after realizing it is more organic and synthetic somehow more so than spiritual.

    I believe it works under the influence of 5G or satellites or say basic 2G networks. They’ll use your phones as a relay and also connect it all to your dreams via FROs and mess with your contenance if you’re not careful.

    I’m so glad to be able to go through deliverances specific to my case scenarios. It’s been tremendous difficult to find ministers and ministries built for this type of oppressions/afflictions and to lift up the persecuted/targeted bride.

    I’m just getting started with the prayers specific to those organic things my vessel maybe anchored to.

    Praise the Lord Jesus for you, Dan. One in a trillion!

  24. I received the first vaccine of moderna. I was sitting in the kitchen and heard “they have a voice” and saw a vision of the black goo as the marvel character off venom.

  25. Does Dan have any prayers or teachings addressing MORGELLONS? There are SO MANY who suffer with it and have suffered with it for years with little to no help at all (some having committed suicide as a result of it) and yet I still hear no one talk about it. It really baffles me that a phenomenon such as black goo is on people’s radar, but not an equally real problem called Morgellons? Archons are known to be attached to this so-called Morgellons “disease” and the nano-fibers are said to be trackers embedded in the people…if you’ve had it or have it, you know it is truly a horrific, bazaar and tormenting affliction. I just wish more people with information about it would talk about it to give those suffering from it the hope they need to get help before it is too late.

  26. The black goo is graphene oxide, which we know are in the jabs, flu shots, and other injections.
    I believe the black goo is a geno that wants to merge with our geno. There is a battle going on between the two. This black goo seems to hide very well in the body. If it is uncovered, I think that is the key to getting rid of it.

  27. So interesting. I had no knowledge of all this stuff, but was praying last week and Jesus showed me 7 “parts” that He ministered to and “integrated”, going up in age, the last one was now recently. The oldest part was given a massive sword and only then did He show another much younger part trapped in a room and sort of chained by strands of black tar or goo, that part had to be cut free from the goo and washed before integration. Amazing that there is a prayer around this. Still so much to learn.

  28. Jenelle Lutchman

    Hi, i hear voices and have spiritual attacks and i aloso have trouble remembering the easiest things. I have been to the doctor and many doctors for the voices and attacks. They diagnosed me with schizopherenia. But every medicine tried isnt working so i was told to stay in church by one doctor and that doctor decided to remove his diagnosis which is schizophernia. im getting alot of attacks and i feel confused and hectic and at times worthless and hopeless, like i have no way out. The voices keep telling me that God would never heal me or make me whole again. Theres this voice that keeps talking and is being really aggressive and forceful. Please pray for me. I pray that God would supernaturally protect me and keep me. I pray that God would Supernaturally keep me from Evil and that God would protect my testimonies. I pray that I would supernaturally live the will of God and that i would be a living testimony for the kingdom of heaven and jesus. I pray that Gods supernatural will for my life will be done and everything that God has written in his book for my life will be accomplished in Jesus name. I pray that the medicine that i am taking that the day would come where i wont have to take it any more. I pray that God would give me back my mind in jesus name and make me whole again in jesus name. I pray that God would supernaturally heal me in jesus name. I surrender my life body and soul to you God to you jesus help me in Jesus name. I got baptised in 2019. Please pray for me and please keep me in your daily prayers. I pray that the holy spirit would supernaturally breathe in me and heal me in Jesus name. I pray that the holy spirit would breathe in me like kingdom come and that God would make my whole life his upper room. These things i pray in the name of jesus, amen.

    1. I agree with your prayer, Janelle. It is God’s will to heal you and make you whole. Yeshua (Jesus) has already paid the very costly price for it on your behalf. Praying you can find a deliverance ministry nearby. May you walk in all the plans and purposes God has created you for! May He bless you and keep you and be a wall of fire around you. May His peace and joy fill you. May your mind be sound, the mind of Messiah!

  29. I could use prayer have taken second pizer shot and dealing with oppression from this goo. I could use prayer to get rid of this goo and my body and dna purified of it and anything else in the shot. I def will pray for other people dealing with this hardship.

  30. Does anyone have any stories of this impacting their blood flow? I have blood pooling and have been told the valves in my veins don’t close properly as the blood returns to my heart. I’ve always had shortness of breath when I try to exercise but was a college athlete and just pushed through. I’m 60 now and just learning about this. I am praying for healing but wondering if anyone has ever experienced this in their blood and energy.

    Also, The Lord took me through a place where I saw many people in a tar pit of goo. They were quarreling. The more they quarreled, the worse it got. I never associated it with anything other than how people can get tied down in something like tar. I had a second vision where I saw negative, curse words in the tar and Jesus said, “This is where the bad words go as they cannot go to heaven.” So, I never connected these visions to black goo. This is new to me and connecting in this thread. Blessings.

  31. I had a dream some years ago and in the dream I was looking at my left shoulder and out of a slit in the shoulder a thick black round balloon like black goo was coming out of my shoulder when as far as I know all of it came out it was like a cat a little black cat but it was trying to stick to me. So I’m pretty sure it was the black goo coming out. Thanks for the prayer it’s awesome

  32. Ashley Carpenter

    Thank You Father God for delivering me and washing me clean of black goo and restoration to heaven. In Jesus Mighty Name 🙏

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