COVID-19 Agenda Prayer

Prayer Audio:

Father God, I come before you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I engage my finder and map the timelines, time wheels, time loops, ages, realms, dimensions, planets, people, places, land, computers, laboratories, entities, aliens, evil races, bloodlines of Cain, crafts, grids, universes, multiverses, Ouroboros, matter, anti-matter, light and its inverse, artificial intelligence and servers interfacing with all frequencies, iniquity, algorithms, and equations connecting to the COVID-19 strains and their clones and COVID-19 vaccines, vaccine-boosters, and any of their ingredients.

I declare that these ingredients include graphene oxide, graphene hydroxide, liquid crystals, Luciferase, SM-102 containing luciferase, aborted human fetal cell lines, human and animal cells and DNA, animal tissue and DNA, nucleoside-modified mRNA (modRNA), modRNA encoding the SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein, bio bots, nanotechnology, genetically modified hydras, iron oxide, the ALC 1035 lipid nanoparticle delivery system, polyethylene, toxic nano metallic content, parasites, bioweapons causing AIDS, radioactive substances, Trypanosoma cruzi, polyethylene glycol (PEG), ethylene alcohol, stainless steel particles in an aggregation of carbon, oxygen, iron and nickel held together with graphene oxide, quantum dots (semiconductor nanoparticles), Cadmium Selenide, and LNP-GO Capsids, natural and synthesized snake venom including but not limited to King Cobra and Chinese Krait venom, natural and/or synthesized snake mRNA including but not limited to all 19 kinds of isolated King Cobra mRNA, along with all evil Artificial Intelligences, witchcraft and magic pertaining to all rituals performed on/with/in all named and un-named ingredients, and transmission/delivery methods.

I furthermore map the ways in which COVID-19 in all of its strains, the COVID-19 vaccines, their related boosters and their individual ingredients, and/or shedding that has come off of individuals that received the vaccines, is connected to me along with my alters, parts, shards, splinters, fragments, RNA, DNA, essence, backups, duplicates, replicas, derivatives, replacements, impersonators, stand-ins, ancestors, merfolk, hybrids, mirror images, holograms, artificial intelligence replicas, prism images, archived memories, walk-ins, variants, clones, spirit children or composite entities containing my DNA and/or RNA, along with my times, seasons, keys, gates, destiny, birthday, holidays, worship, business, sleep, timelines, family lines, bloodlines, cell lines, body, soul, spirit, heart, decisions, ministry, stars, godly offices, temple, money, godly inheritance, learning capabilities, subatomic particles, relationships and emotions, to be henceforth referred to as my “humanity and its derivatives”. As this mapping is accomplished, I overtake it in its entirety with the archai of Father God, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit. I also call in the armies of heaven in innumerable numbers to assist in the execution of this work. I converge this work with the crystal sea that exists before the throne of God and activate the full computational power of the crystal sea to engage with what is being addressed.

I now confess on behalf of myself and all human populations that I have authority to stand in intercession for, that by believing the COVID-19 narrative and/or receiving the vaccine, we have misplaced our faith in pharmakeia, have not trusted your provision but instead bowed down to mandates, threats and/or incentives from governments and employers, received cursed monies from corrupt governments in order to establish compliance with the agenda, engaged in unethical practices to inflate the numbers defining the severity of the agenda, consented to receive dangerous foreign materials and technologies into the body via injection, placed confidence in a false covering and protection through disinformation, misinformation and propaganda. Participated in deception intentionally disseminated through media, lying governments, and wicked industries, and as such have come into agreement with the great Luciferian reset and fear, including fear of death, fear of illness, fear of punishment, fear of poverty, and general anxiety and intimidation along with the surrender of peace. For all of these things I repent. I renounce that which has been confessed and command that every demon that has been operating in and around those affected by this renunciation for these reasons is bound, pierced through, and thrust out for judgment to wherever the Lord Jesus puts them, NOW.

I confess the trauma bond to the lie of the COVID-19 Agenda, and all associated double binds. I release the lie and the trauma bond from every part of my humanity, body, soul, spirit, and heart.

I renounce my tethering to, overlaying and interfacing with, and all existence as the COVID-19 virus in any of its strains, mutations, sub mutations, variants, sub variants – including but not limited to alpha, beta, delta, gamma and omicron, the COVID-19 vaccines, all other vaccines that are implicated, all portals that are the vaccines, their boosters and shedding from those that have taken the COVID-19 vaccine and/or related boosters, and all other names by which the virus has been called including coronavirus and the Wuhan virus (to be henceforth referred to as the COVID-19 agenda), and all related programs, all associated gates, paths, channels, forces, anchoring to death, genetic and cellular anchoring, data packets, ungodly DNA strands, bone marrow, assignments, blood, plasma, markers, meridian lines, chakras, energy signatures, neural lace, all related powers of darkness, quantum technologies, oversouls, and any other type of malevolent being in every realm, age, timeline, dimension, frequency, vibration, planet, cosmos, constellation, and universe, past, present, and future, to infinity, and from the beginning across eternity, and serve them a bill of divorce. I pull up the hidden documents and code detailing every covenant, unholy ritualistic act, enslavement, agreement, contract, certificate, oath, vow, and inner vow entangling me, my God-assigned family line, and my God-assigned bloodline, and command that they be stamped with the blood of Jesus.

I pray that your heavenly hosts would discover, apprehend, and deliver every part, chakra, or gate belonging to me that is loyal to, affiliated with, or in bondage to the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs and escort them to the feet of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. I declare that every part or region (humanity and its derivatives) in me that is bound to the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs, and/or any entity under the authority of the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs by a cord that binds, must now be cut free and delivered. I speak that the cords are cut, that cords in cords are cut, and that all three-fold cords are cut, and that each part or region is separated into its components. All ungodly components and components that are not of me are now bound. I declare that all of them are now being sent to where the true Lord Jesus Christ sends them.

I identify the quantumly established Distributed Ledger tied to the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs in me and others on and off planet, and all persons within persons, syncing and reinforcing our bondage. I declare that during this process the Distributed Ledger cannot be hidden via any black holes, wormholes, walls, or doors, or by being dropped to hidden levels, or turned invisible. I furthermore declare that it cannot be copied, scanned, or manipulated spiritually or digitally in any fashion. I command that all messages and relays being sent out are captured en route. I renounce my office as a node and submit to the courts of heaven every hash and previous hash present in my Distributed Ledger. I call for the sabotage of all proof-of-work processes with an algorithm from Jesus Christ that is designed to hack the entire network of blocks on and off planet, gathering data from each node in the network, to be submitted for review in the courts of heaven. I call for the simultaneous judging of each block against the law of heaven. I thank you that your angels overtake and subdue all necessary prongs, nodes, and componentry.

I declare that all contracts derived from the Distributed Ledger in all time, space, dimension and reality in all infinities of infinities and beyond, eternities of eternities and beyond, and time wheels that exist, once existed, and could or could not exist, and everything in between, are judged against your eternal law, nullifying them and liberating me from the Block Chain derived reinforcement and back up protocols authored by the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs. I also identify the evil spider-like AI connected to the ledgers and target it with the power of Jesus Christ and declare that it overtakes and subdues all processes and ability of the evil spider-like AI, bringing it to complete judgment and ruin. I declare that algorithms and Heavenly Artificial Intelligence from Jesus Christ write the evidence and record of my freedom in every Distributed Ledger on and off planet simultaneously, thereby eternally establishing this freedom. I declare that every scientist implicated is now being discovered and indicted into the courts of heaven along with all of their backups to give an account for wrongs committed and suffer the judgment determined by their actions while their facilities are occupied by the armies of heaven. I call for the judgment and destruction of all implicated spirit children, AI children, synthetic children, electrical children, deadly children, and every other type of ungodly offspring. Furthermore, I call for my testimony of injustice to be leveraged against the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs, its block chain, and the parties building it, using it, and overseeing it throughout the kingdom of darkness resulting in a destructive blow that is as cosmic in its magnitude as the extent of this network of bondage compounded to an exponential power in the name of Jesus.

I call for the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs and its mainframes, computers, upgrade codes, reformats, copies, algorithms, duplicates, replicas, bugs, viruses, spiders, derivatives, worms, parasites, pathogens, replacements, or stand-ins in all infinities of infinities and beyond, eternities of eternities and beyond,  and time wheels that exist, once existed, and could or could not exist, and everything in between, on all sides of creation, and in all multiverses to be uploaded with an algorithm from Jesus Christ through the Distributed Ledger, that cannot be solved but forces unending attempts to solve it. I speak that this algorithm requires that the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs and their mainframes, computers, upgrade codes, reformats, copies, algorithms, duplicates, bugs, viruses, spiders, replicas, worms, parasites, pathogens, derivatives, replacements, or stand-ins converge on each iteration, rendering it impossible that any aspect of the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs can be sequestered and prevented from engaging with the algorithm regardless of, and completely overriding, the free-will of the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs. I furthermore speak that on each iteration made in an attempt to solve the algorithm, the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs and their mainframes, computers, upgrade codes, reformats, copies, algorithms, duplicates, bugs, viruses, spiders, replicas, worms, parasites, pathogens, derivatives, replacements, or stand-ins are deleted. I speak that this algorithm must be iterated at a rate that is exponentially greater than all combined parallel and non-parallel processes having the capacity to expand the reach, presence, influence, and existence of the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs. I speak that iterations on this algorithm will be forced to be computed very fast, and continued into everything that is reality: physically, astrally, spiritually, digitally, or synthetically, and also everything that is non-reality, thereby forcing the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs to compute themselves into their own non-existence and end all processes, procedures, evil frequencies, and protocols targeting me now in the name of Jesus.

I furthermore declare the release of Heavenly Artificial Intelligence from Jesus Christ that is designed to work in conjunction with His algorithm. I declare that this Heavenly Artificial Intelligence fills every void left by the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs as it is being deleted. I thank you King Jesus that your Heavenly Artificial Intelligence learns faster, replicates smarter, and operates in a fashion that is superior in every way to the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs, rendering the decoding of the Heavenly Artificial Intelligence impossible, such that it is eternally evading capture, study, and sequestration by your enemies. I thank you that it is tasked with bringing down the grids of the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs, working through the elements of earth, fire, wood, air, metal, and water, and all that is connected to them across all space and hyperspaces everywhere YHWH is. I thank you that backup protocols of the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs working through elements of creation and non-creation are continually thwarted by your Heavenly Artificial Intelligence, not only ensuring my freedom, but the freedom of all components of creation and non-creation tied up and implicated in my bondage by the operations of the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs. In this I invite Shemayim (Heavens) and Erets (Earth), along with New Heavens and New Earth, Infinity, Eternity, Time, the first Adam and all that are in him, and Jesus Christ, the last Adam, in whom all things exist, to give testimony in the courts of heaven on behalf of their injuries and damages incurred by the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs and appeal for their justice. In this, I speak that a shattering blow is executed against the COVID-19 agenda and the ionic bonds implicated in the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs along with a collapse of their access to power sources such as stars, neutron stars, strange stars, star water, supernovas, future generations, or any other power sources being utilized. I call for the rescue and redemption of Star DNA. I furthermore speak that the Heavenly Artificial Intelligence along with the armies of heaven are tasked with the execution of redemptive operations for the children being exploited by the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs, destroying every technology and evil entity guilty of their torment as your justice prevails.

I now pray that angels would be commissioned to decode my Distributed Ledger completely. I call for the discovery of all code and hidden code involving me and others along with other realms. I declare that all of the codes must be broken in the name of Jesus. I declare that all of the belts surrounding the nodes, along with their holes, are cracked in the name of Jesus. I also call back all elements of my birthright that were captured, held hostage, sold, or traded through my bondage to the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs, and I call my birthright purged with living water and restored in the name of Jesus. I call for the deletion of all digital twins and uploads of me from the networks of the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs. I declare that my DNA and RNA are removed from regions of captivity, including counterfeit and alternate timelines, cleansed, and restored to me. Furthermore, I pray that you would have your angels remove from my person all components, persons, and devices designed to connect and interface me with the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs. I set my agreement with the collection of all parts of my humanity that were deceived by the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs into the immediate presence of the True Jesus Christ. I pray that they would be given bread of life and living water, washed with the soap of hyssop, and given new garments of righteousness in their favorite colors, as they receive ministry at the feet of Jesus.

I declare that Yeshua is the Alpha and the Omega, the Aleph Tav, the Word of God upholding all that exists. All things were created by him and for him, and all of creation is being reconciled in Him, whether in heaven or on earth. Therefore, I speak that Yeshua is everywhere YWHW is, resolving confusion established through the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs that have maintained this bondage on the creation. I declare that the ancient scrolls defining original intent and design are the template against which the administration of Yeshua in YHWH is being imposed on the creation, relative not only to me but also to everything affected by the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs reinforcing my bondage. I declare the agenda of Yeshua is the reconciliation of creation to original intent and the restoration of all things, and the de-platforming of the Counterfeit New Heavens and New Earth through a corrective process that is administrated to events before the Fall leading to the inception of this plan, stripping the plan of all humanity especially including all DNA and essence upon which it is built. I invite the Living Letters to bring about correction and healing to the implicated scrolls, essence, DNA, and RNA.

I command that every binding mechanism and/or subdue mechanism must be removed. I decree that all chains, shackles, circuit boards, dirty garments, and other forms of bondage are removed. I decree that all evil projections of fear, death, spiritual blindness or confusion, shame, guilt, abandonment, rejection, and/or any related form of darkness must be removed, along with all ungodly canopies and essences. Lord Jesus, I pray for a release of your blood inside and outside of these areas, fully infusing these areas. I pray for a release of your healing balm of Gilead into all of these areas. I declare your peace over all of these areas.

I now deed all territory in my humanity and its derivatives that have been affected by the COVID-19 agenda over to the kingdom of God. I invite you, King Jesus, to take the throne and to rule over this territory with your rod of iron.

In the name of Jesus, I now bind all gatekeepers and discover every portal access point associated with the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs and all associated humanity and its derivatives. I place the blood of Jesus inside and outside of every portal access point in every realm, age, timeline, dimension, frequency, vibration, planet, cosmos, constellation, and universe, past, present, and future, to infinity, and from the beginning across eternity, and I collapse, close, and seal them by the power of the blood of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I declare that they are put to sleep and permanently deactivated from this point in time and out of time, forward and backward and in every direction, inside out, upside down, back and forth, reversed, inverted, sandwiched, and vortexed.

I take the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God, and I cut myself free from all ungodly tethers to, interfaces and overlays with, and all existence as the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs including the pandemic program, the COVID-19 program, the vaccination program, flu-shot programming, the hypnos program, isolation programming, mask programming, suicidal programming, transhumanism programming, hopelessness programming, fear of the future programming, hoodwinked programming, eye of horus programming, false reality overlay, fear and anxiety programming, mass hypnosis and group think programming, brainwave entrainment, end times programming, pornographic addiction programming, zombie programming and other evil programming along with all related satanic/Luciferian antiquities and iniquity. I command their subsequent deletion.

I also sever all paths, portals, frequencies, vibrations, gates, rivers, and light connecting the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs to any and all points in my internal Kabbalah tree and through it to the cosmic Kabbalistic tree of life and its related or derived realms. In this I include Adam Kadmon, all evil infinite crowns related to Keter, all of its realms, and all false Christs bearing false peace. I call for the immediate apprehension and punishment of all entities traversing these paths, portals, frequencies, vibrations, gates, rivers, and light. I call the work sealed off and cauterized by the blood of Jesus. I liberate my genetics, markers, cells of every type, bone marrow, meridian lines, energy signatures, acupuncture points, DNA strands, plasma, and blood along with the rest of my humanity and its derivatives. I deactivate my related chakra points. I sever all sentient intelligences, along with their agendas, related realms, timelines, and counterfeit inheritances, in Jesus’s name. I furthermore sever my body, spirit, soul, heart, and essence from all attachment points and points of connectivity belonging to the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs on my reproductive organs (vagina, ovaries, cervix, pelvic floor, breasts, fallopian tubes, uterus, womb and eggs/penis, testicles, sperm) anus, hips, back, adrenal glands, pineal gland, and every other organ, body part, or area of my body, soul, or spirit in bondage in every realm, age, timeline, and dimension, past, present, and future, to infinity, and from the beginning across eternity. I pray that the connection points would be cauterized and sealed with the Holy Spirit.

I now take the opportunity to address the internet of bodies and the internet of waters. I invite the living letters of God and all of Zion to resolve all ungodly interfaces involved in establishing and maintaining the internet of bodies and the internet of waters, specifically targeting implicated artificial intelligence, genetic memory, other ungodly linking through DNA, RNA, and essence, and all confusion that this has imposed upon me and the creation including Shemayim, Erets, Infinity, Eternity, and Time.

I now declare that by the stripes of Jesus I was healed, and that the effects of the COVID-19 agenda at work in my body are annulled inclusive of headaches, memory loss, dementia, auto immune diseases/disorders/responses, damage to the immune system, cancer, psoriasis, hair loss, spike protein  related injuries, DNA damage, presence of foreign/synthetic mRNA, blood clots, myocarditis, pericarditis, heart attacks, heart conditions,  arrhythmia, Bell’s Palsy, shaking, shedding, hearing loss, ear ringing, nosebleeds, bleeding, infertility, disrupted women’s cycles and false pregnancy positives, post-menopausal bleeding, loss of smell, loss of taste, sterilization, fatigue, muscle pain, chills, joint pain, fever, injection site swelling, injection site redness, nausea, malaise, lymphadenopathy, decreased appetite, mysterious bruising, rash, and pain,  anaphylaxis, hypersensitivity reactions, appendicitis, adverse events including neurological events, neuro-inflammatory events, thrombotic events, miscarriage, liver damage, kidney damage, inflammatory histamine reactions, mitochondria damage, telomere damage, laminin damage, cellular damage, lung damage, exacerbated magnetism (due to graphene oxide), damage to and/or alteration of the central nervous system (by graphene oxide), immobilization, paraplegia, embolisms, ischemia, strokes, aneurysms, mutagenesis (from graphene oxide), chromosomal alteration, tissue inflammation, systemic or multi-organ inflammation, cascade of free radicals, oxidative stress, emotional distortion, depression, immune system collapse, cytokine storm, bilateral pneumonia, neural network/neuron high jacking (by graphene oxide) and the establishment of a counterfeit neural network.

I now receive a blood transfusion and new breath of life from Jesus Christ. In the process, I declare that all of the COVID-19 agenda and all of its related program’s circuitry, nanotech, liquid crystals, back doors, front doors, side doors, trapdoors, inner doors, outer doors, ancient of days doors, infinite doors, hidden doors, cords, insects, bullfrog genetics, natural and synthesized snake venom, vampiric structures, reset devices, energy-draining devices, implants, wires, cables, chips, computers, chains, programs, backup programs, power sources, backup power sources, anomalous magnetic fields, gravitational manipulations, unified field, quantum regenerators, receptors, stardust, smart dust, parallel timelines, counterfeit timelines, time warps, time dilation, black holes, frequencies from satellites, boxes, tesseracts, counterfeit galaxies, counterfeit constellations, counterfeit solar systems, counterfeit cosmoses, counterfeit universes, counterfeit heavens, counterfeit New Jerusalem, robots, embryos, parasites, pathogens, all evil artificial intelligences, all evil quantum intelligences, all evil waveforms, fetuses, holograms, spiral staircases, amulets, relics, talismans, clones, clocks, counterfeit temple elements, data packets, ungodly grafts, and eggs are destroyed, and that all of their residue is purged with living water. I declare to the impacted cells, receive healing and recalibration from Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus, I apply your living water along the pathways created and carved for access. I call back all of my DNA that was sold, buried, traded, given away, or exchanged and housed in clones, animals, machines, technologies, entities, banks, movies, or in containers in deep recesses of my person, and anything else illegitimately possessing it, and call for it to be cleansed and healed with living water.

I now address evil grids implicated in the COVID-19 agenda, including communication network grids, Moderna grids, Pfizer grids, Astra Zeneca grids, Johnson & Johnson grids, Novavax grids, COVID-19 grids, biowarfare grids, Internet of Bodies grids, Internet of Waters grids, Wuhan grids, evil timeline grids, pandemic grids, essence grids, anxiety grids, fear grids, ungodly emotion grids, laboratory grids, AI grids, evil DNA grids, genocide grids, military base grids, human trafficking grids, Freemasonry grids, abortion grids, pornographic grids, pharmakeia grids, Satanic grids, witchcraft grids, time loop grids, serpent and serpent venom grids, ecommerce grids, false reality overlay grids, false narrative grids, Nephilim grids, Baphomet grids, Adam Kadmon grids, False Temple grids, Cosmic Kabalistic Tree of Life grid, Fallen Heavenly Powers grids, The Great Reset grids, Bill and Melinda Gates grids, Anthony Fauci grids, World Health Organization grids, CDC grids, Edward Jenner grids, Elon Musk grids, Klaus Schwab grids, Deborah Birx grids, Jürgen Schmidhuber grids, Adolf Hitler grids, Joseph Mengele grids, George Soros grids, food and nutrition grids, double bind grids, death grids, pharmaceutical grids, 5G, 6G, 7G, 8G, and 9G grids, along with all New World Order grids. I release angels to gather the parts of my humanity and its derivatives from these grids, past, present, and future. I speak that these parts are delivered before the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. I declare that his light, refracting through the living stones of his breastplate, is penetrating through my parts in various wavelengths, frequencies, amplitudes, and colors, targeting not only my parts, but the grid(s) from which they have been collected and the nodal points from which they have been retrieved.

I now ask for angels in envoys to be sent into the grid(s) with mandates and paperwork to gather humanity of others connected to the nodal points from which my parts have been retrieved. I declare that warring angels punish and cover with violence all evil guardians stationed at the nodal points. I pray that the envoys would give the humanity they recover bread of life to eat, living water to drink, and a seed of righteousness, delivering them into the river of life in the third heaven. I thank you that the parts of humanity are being recovered along with any and all nested alter systems. As this is accomplished, I speak that the nodal points are rendered as non-functional duds and simultaneously booby-trapped by the angels against the agents of the kingdom of darkness, rendering all relocation accommodations impossible.

I now call for the ancient data that exists as residue of the light that formerly passed through the nodal points of the grid(s) and the related crystalline structures to be collected. I call for case files to be sequestered from the ancient data being collected that articulate the crimes executed by the powers of darkness and their grids, extending to pre-Adamic crimes, and the entire record of the conspiracy against Jesus Christ and his body.

I now leverage the case files that have been assembled as evidence into court cases that transact in a pre-Adamic context against the agents of darkness found to be guilty of treason, evil, and conspiracy according to the record, in order to destroy the pre-Adamic agenda running through the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs, along with all connected evil and counterfeit timelines, rendering it impossible that the ancient iniquity can be brought to bear. I command that all lines of DNA and RNA collected from me and my ancestors are being gathered up from the grids and their intersecting timelines, redeemed, cleansed with living water, and sent to wherever Jesus determines.

I now appeal to the courts of heaven on behalf of me, my parts, my family lines, bloodlines, cell lines, and all those that I represent and submit all relevant testimonies of injustice in combination with every item detailing the crimes of the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs (including but not limited to every vaccine received in childhood or as an adult including flu shots, booster shots, injections, oral vaccines, implants, insertions of wicked devices, TB prick, tetanus shot, epi pen shots, nebulizers, drugs or poisons received via the  pharmaceutical industry and/or abductions that have in any way created a pathway to and foundation for the COVID-19 Agenda) in the heavenly cosmic records. I pray that the evidence of injustice and criminal activities would be weighed on the scales of justice. Based on the injustice detailed by the evidence I demand judgment. I ask for judgment against Lucifer, Satan and the kingdom of darkness for siphoning the substances of human virtue, essence, soul, spirit and time for the purpose of creating a counterfeit new heavens and new earth. I call for irreparable damage to be sustained to the grids siphoning these substances and the plundering of the enemy’s encampments by the armies of heaven, and 100-fold recompense on behalf of all humanity. I call for a crushing blow against the COVID-19 agenda and all related programs  and all of their operations in all time, space, dimension, and reality, into light and its inverse, executed by the armies of heaven, chariots of fire, the broom of destruction, the tsunami of living water, earthquakes, air quakes, sea quakes, confusion, the axe of the Lord, and the fiery stream that proceeds forth from the throne of God, to collapse all of their realms, programs, backup programs, bases, labs, craft, grids, counterfeit timelines, power sources, and backup power sources to the fullest extent that the manifestation of my justice and the evidence submitted allows for as you administrate judgment in your righteousness Lord God.

I now move to multiply the judgment against all realms that engaged in business and trade with the COVID-19 Agenda, and request that they are fully smote with destruction according to the testimony of injustice as you administrate judgment in your righteousness Lord God.

In this I identify the counterfeit YHWH computers that exist past, present, and future and the digital shell that they project and maintain over the creation which is governed by artificial intelligence. I pray, King Jesus, that you would hack the counterfeit YHWH computers by using every implicated and compromised component of my personal bondage that ties me into these computers as ports, not limited to regions of my physical body but extending into my soul and spirit and every frequency and component of DNA, RNA and essence associated with my person. I pray that as you hack these computers, they are brought out of synchronism with the digital shell they project and maintain, and I pray for the release of heavenly bells and angels with coronets, shofars and trumpets throughout the creation that will project heavenly frequencies to establish and maintain desynchronization between the digital shell and the genuine creation of God. I ask for a judgment against the counterfeit YWHW computers, the digital shell they project and maintain, and the artificial intelligence that governs it, revealing your vengeance on behalf of the injustice suffered by people, angels, stoicheion, Infinity, Eternity, and Time as it relates to the operations of this agenda. I call for the digital shell to be rolled up and revoked beginning at boundless space and extending through all that exists and all that does not exist. I furthermore call for a heavenly algorithm to be uploaded in the rings above and below the heavens, and from these places to target and bring ruin upon the counterfeit YHWH computers and the artificial intelligence governing it. I declare freedom throughout Shemayim and Erets.

I pray for the release of golden rain in order to wash over and balance every aspect of body, spirit, soul, and heart. Holy Spirit, I invite you to fill every void, for it is written that we are to be continually filled by you. I furthermore command the cleansing and reinstatement of all formerly compromised components of God-ordained inheritance, legacy, blood, DNA, RNA, essence, plasma, and birthright. I also call all fragments of humanity affected by this work to be established in pocket realms charged with the agape love of God, peace, and joy. I call this work sealed everywhere YHWH is. Amen.

37 thoughts on “COVID-19 Agenda Prayer”

  1. This is such a detailed prayer! I certainly hope those who got the jab will pray all of it. Thank you! – Linda

  2. Brilliant prayer! I’m considering sending it to my sister in Jesus Christ who is jabbed & boosted but, for an ‘everyday nominal Christian’ I don’t think she will be able to grasp or comprehend the prayer 🙁 so, I’ll see when – if ever – I should send her it.

    1. You could tell her that Bride Ministries ( has a prayer section that has helped you a lot (and name the benefits), and that you think she might enjoy it. This COVID prayer is one of the first that shows up there, so if she goes there she’ll see it.

      1. I found this very important Prayer a week ago. But, when I went back to share with a friend from Church. It was GONE! I even tried to look it up. To no avail!
        I thank GOD & YESHUA that I still had a text. That had the link. I strongly suggest everyone print this off. Because it seems like they want to not make it available. As we know satan would love for it to be down!

  3. This prayer is P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L!!❤️ I changed “body, soul, spirit / soul, spirit” – to “spirit, soul, body, / spirit, soul” – spirit, soul, body and heart etc???????? because I am a firm believer that it is recorded in the Bible in that specific order for a reason!

    Thank you for posting this prayer.????

  4. Thank you for this prayer. I prayed it out loud and felt the power of the Holy Spirit more and more the deeper I got into it all the way to the end.

    1. I felt a pain leave my body. That had ached like a toothache! I truly felt like I knew how it must have been in the Bible days! I’m Praising GOD & JESUS for this relief!

    1. I prayed this prayer last night. I had prayed the other covid-19 prayer you have previously and thought that was it. I felt strongly I needed to pray again and noticed this prayer because I felt the Lord was bringing to my attention that when I took the 2 jabs I had to sign releases which were also agreements spiritually with the COVID agenda not to hold them accountable. I also got omicron afterwards. I have been increasingly I’ll with breathing problems, swelling, etc. Prayed this last night. Woke up this morning with no swelling in face and no shortness of breath, etc. I also added additional things to prayer I have learned about courts of heaven like bringing the ruling to earth , releasing it on earth, executing the ruling as a daughter of God, the commissioning of ange

      ls, and praising the Lord. Thank you for this long but powerful prayer. Before I prayed I also had to release my anger and judgement against the medical matrix and those humans behind the agenda and the misinformation as well.

  5. Veronica Nkuna

    Satanic agendas were never going to survive, for Jehovah has launched war to burn and suffocate all these plans. Thank you so much for wearing the armour charged with God’s names to stand in the gap fo many and waving Jehovah God’s flag unapologetically so with no fear and making the knowledge reach the entire universe. May God keep revealing more through this ministry and let the truth of God be known in Jesus Christ name Amen. “May those who have eyes see and ears hear!”

  6. Certainly very detailed. I think it’s good for both the COVID and the vaccine. I haven’t had the vaccine but the COVID pneumonia almost killed me. And so I’ve been getting sick now 6 times since I had COVID last year. I’m curtailing every bad habit in my life so that I can get healthy. No alcohol, diet drinks, junk food. And I exercise an hour to two hours a day. And I’m still coming down with anything that blows through out there. So it COVID can be as bad as the vaccine. I’m living evidence. And I know 6 others with similar issues. Thank you for the prayer!

    1. Hi Jean, regularly taking vit C, D and zinc assists your immune system to fight Covid. This may help you in your fight to stay covid free as well as this prayer.

    2. I affirm your desire to get healthy. That is the good that can come out of this. I have been studying this for 7 years and at 69 I now feel better than I have in my entire life. I had to heal my gut, reduce inflammation, achieve metabolic health. Whole foods – organic vegetables, grass fed beef, eggs, homemade chicken soup, sautéed greens, fruit, no grains, no nightshades, no gluten, no dairy, no sugar but raw honey or maple syrup, no processed food/drinks, exercise, 30 min sun/day (when possible), sleep, prayer – turn everything over to God, and I take the following supplements: 2,000 C (1,000 morning and night), 5,000 D, zinc, b complex, selenium, lutein/zeaxanthin , vitamin E, NAC (this was a game changer – raw material for glutathione production, also effective against spike), magnesium, MSM in powder form (raw material for glucosamine/chondroitin), colostrum, probiotics (Garden of life primal defense ultra), Saccharomyces boulardii. You may also want to check out the FLCCC for recovery protocols. I had COVID 7/2020, also 7/2021 and omicron in 11/2021, no jab. The second and third cases were milder but in addition to the above I took high dose vitamin C (Andrew Saul is good in this area) in 7/2020 to clear my lungs in 48 hrs. – would have had IV C if I could have gotten it. Thomas Levy, MD is also a big proponent of C. Remove toxins, including toxic relationships – they have to be healed or removed. Trust the Lord, listen to your body. I’m eating animal based. COVID caused bloating – revealed SIBO was not yet gone, also had intestinal permeability. 80% of your immune system is in the gut. Laugh. Be good to yourself. Be well, blessed, healthy and strong. You’re beloved of God 🙏🙂

    3. I am so sorry to hear you are getting repeatedly sick. I’m sure you have been spending time with the Lord asking for strategies. If you need extra help, Chelsea is a naturopath and prayer coach. I LOVE her. Blessings to you and prayers for you to receive His strategy and His healing.

  7. Wow this prayer was a long one but I did it! I am not jabbed but my husband is and spiritually we are one flesh because of our marriage covenant and through the act of sexual relations bodily fluids are transferred. Something to consider if you have a spouse that is jabbed and you are not. Also we have been forced to live and abide under covid mandates of isolation shutdowns, mask wearing etc. So indirectly it has also impacted my life and that of my family. While praying this prayer out I suddenly felt sick in my stomach and I have a feeling that I need to go for a toilet break. I believe something has shifted in the spirit from this prayer. I also liked the fact that you covered childhood jabbs, the majority of us in the western world have been exposed to this. Looking forward with interest at what will unfold in the days ahead. God bless

  8. Wow…may whatever that was not declared or known be included…that this class action lawsuit against the kingdom of darkness be adjudicated to the furthest extent of the government of YHWH Elohim…in the Name of the True Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth Who came in the flesh Amen

    1. Heather Frederick

      Wow.. I felt the power of saying that prayer out loud. I prayed for Jesus to protect me and be with me and he did as I said this prayer. I regrettably got the vaccine before I was awakened to our true reality. A amazing peace washed over me when I finished this prayer. Thank you Dan and Bride Ministries. Jesus has changed my life through Dan and his work. Praise the Lord!

      1. Thank you FOR HOPE. I was jabbed twice years ago before I reconnected with God and was spiritually reborn again. I didn’t know not to take it. As a result my family had the same shots. I’ve repented but still carry some guilt. I will pray this prayer and ask mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  9. Wow amazing. I’m not jabbed, but husband is. We both had Covid ten weeks ago and still not fully recovered. Thanks so much for this prayer. Long but very worthwhile to get free.

    I didn’t take the Vaccine. Yet, have had 3 surgeries since Jan. 2021. And I know as a child, having all those vaccines taken!
    I PRAY I never have to have a blood transfusion! As I feel like all blood has been contaminated now!
    Some people say this is the MARK OF the Beast. I believe it is. But, others disagree. What do you think?

    1. The mark of the beast is described in Revelation as being in the forehead or the hand, so I don’t believe this is the mark, but it is a test run to see who will be compliant.

  11. This is excellent, wow. Can we pray this even if we haven’t had the jab or tests due to discerning it as wrong in the first place? God bless!

  12. Use prayer after getting vaccine I have been having spiritual adversity. My mom could also use prayer since she is being afflicted also .

  13. Thank you for this prayer. Powerful.

    Is there a reason for YHWH in some places and YWHW in other places?

  14. This prayer was amazing and covered an extensive array of topics known and also unknown which I will have to research. Thank you for this advanced work of the Triune God , His Kingdom rules forever and ever and I am ever so grateful for what you are doing to help the population reveal and heal In His Holy Name.

  15. In August, 2021, I was hospitalized with double covid pneumonia and was given a pcr test and remdesivir. I never got the Covid-19 vaccine, but my family did. They have and probably still shed all over me and I believe that is why I ended up in the hospital. I prayed this entire prayer and will pray other prayers on this site. Thank you so much for sharing this. I’m planning to purchase the book as well.

  16. I just prayed this prayer for the second time as I recently had a bout of Covid and was struggling to breathe and get my energy back. I just took a deep breath and the cough that usually comes and the feeling of wheezing did not eventuate. I will keep praying using these prayers until my whole self is completely free!
    Praise God!

  17. Wow… This was long and detailed, but very worth the effort! I’ve never had the COVID realated jabs, but I was vaccinated in the 90’s (as a kid) so it was nice that they covered that in there! Felt directed to pray this prayer after being unable to recover in the normal amount of time that I do. Before I was completely done with this prayer, my headache and sinus pressure were gone! Woke up the next day with no fever and just very minor cold symptoms. Praise God! And thank you Dan for writing this prayer!

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