Beyond the Shinar Directive with Dr. Michael K Lake

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Are all of the governments of the world controlled by an occult cabal? Is this group in control of world events, our educational systems, our financial systems, and even our news agencies? Theologian, academician, and best-selling author, Dr. Michael K. Lake proclaims, “We are living in a neo-pagan world that is completely controlled by the occult, and the Church is oblivious to this reality.”

In this episode of Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval, prepare for deep discussion on subjects covered in Dr. Michael K Lake’s newest book “The Shinar Directive”. From the Tower of Babel, to Nimrod, to Mind Control, to CERN and the question of a multiverse, this program gets into it. Of course, none of this would be placed in proper context without also addressing the power of the Kingdom of God!

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