Addressing the Trinity, Oneness, Unity, and the Truth about Salvation Part 2

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Is the concept of the Christian trinity heretical? Is salvation (or the experience of being born again) an event or a multi-step process? What is the difference between Trinitarianism and Oneness when it comes to how we understand God? How do the former questions play into our understanding of water baptism and the highly debated “baptism of the Holy Spirit”?

These are some of the questions that many believers continually wrestle with. When there are so many view points and perspectives available on these issue available it is hard not to wrestle with these questions. Frankly, the concept of the trinity is one of the most poorly understood concepts among Christians that claim to hold to that doctrinal position. It is with the goal of tackling a number of foundational questions of the Christian faith that this series is being aired.

This program is the second part of a conversation on these subjects. Topics that will be addressed include the debate of trinity versus oneness, the true meaning of salvation, the meaning of water baptism, and the proper understanding of the “baptism of the Holy Spirit”. Without doubt this will be a controversial series, but it is my prayer that it answers a lot of questions and brings clarity to the many interwoven issues involved in address these subjects.

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